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Martin Hladyniuk
Purchasing real estate? Need to consolidate debt?

Hi, I provide local solutions to the high cost challenge
of living in California…


The most emotional four-letter word in the English language is  ‘HOME’.

Home is where our hearts dwell and many of our most cherished memories happen.

For 26 years, I have had the privilege of guiding people through this monumental life event. Buyers are excited — they’re opening a new chapter. Sellers are relieved — they’re taking their next step forward.

Brokering mortgage loans through easy and hard times is an essential human job. My work demands a sense of humor, real compassion and experience to finance people into where and how we really want to live, and stay.

Hi, this is Martin Hladyniuk (pron: Lad-Nik), a California mortgage broker with Allyn & Associates who isn’t limited by any one lender’s program set, turn times or pricing strategy.

This means I am free to pre-approve your loan application and clear you through whichever lender is (proven) faster, lower cost and most ready to take the very best care from start to finish.

I make buying and refinancing for a lower cost to live at HOME in California happen.

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How may I be of humble servitude?

Martin Hladyniuk (pron: Lad-Nik)
805-886-6012 mobile
NMLS (lending) #297691
CalDRE (salesperson) #01154036
Allyn & Associates

Real Estate & Lending
351 Hitchcock Way #B-130
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
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NMLS (lending) #331254
CalDRE (broker) #00459242

Allyn & Associates is an independent full service Real Estate & Mortgage Company dedicated to helping people through the entire life cycle of acquiring, financing and selling real estate throughout California.


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