Industry News

The blood flow of real estate is the transaction volume of its stock.

Real Estate
Who Owns The World?
Architecture (twisted sifter)
Barbara Ballinger (real estate magazine articles)
Bloomberg (real estate)
Broke Agent (humor)
Builder On Line
Business Times (real estate section)

California Association of Realtors
California Economic Forecast (by Mark Schniepp)
CA Home Sales By City
Caribbean Real Estate News
CIRE Magazine
Cities Journal
Commercial Real Estate Show (YouTube)
CoStar (news feed)

Crain’s NY Real Estate News
Curbed (Los Angeles Housing Market Reports)
Curbed (Bay Area Housing Blog)
Dept. Of Finance RE Blog
Diana Olick Articles (CNBC)
Dr. Housing Bubble (SoCal)
FlipNerd (blog)

FEMA Flood Map
Forbes Real Estate News
Globestreet Com RE News
Golden State Manufacture Home Owners League
Historic Aerial Photos
Homes For Income (blog)
HomeFacts (neighborhood data search)
Home Price Heat Map

Inhabitat (home design & tips)
Inman News
Insurance Journal
(property & causality)
Invest For More
LA Times – Real Estate
Mansion Global
Market Watch Real Estate
Midland Real Estate Trends
Mobile Home Living (Magazine)

MultiFamily Executive

MyNeighborhoodAgent (post card mailing service)

National Association of Realtors
National Association of Home Builders
National Real Estate Investor
MiMi (Multi Indicator Market Index)
Philly Real Estate
Project Journal UK
Realtor Magazine
Realty Times
RealtyTrac (data)

Remodeling News (CA RE news)
REBusiness (non-residential news)
Reverse Mortgage (research links)
Reverse Mortgage Calculator
RSI’s Real Estate Magazine
SEO 101 (info links)
Simple Living (Kristen Dirksen Channel)
Tap Water Quality Database (zip code)
The Real Deal (NY RE news)
The Registry (bay area RE news)
Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Talk
Wall Street Journal – Real Estate News
Weiss Residential Value Research
World Property Channel



Credit Freeze (how to freeze your credit)
Daily Mortgage Rate Commentary
Analyzing Self Employed Income (webinar)
Consumerist (advocacy)
CFBP Consumer Complaint Data Base
CFPB (regulations lookup)

Credit Union Look Up
Daily Mortgage News & Commentary (Chrisman blog)
Deadly Clear (institutional mortgage fraud blog)
DS News

Due Diligence
Fair Housing Equal Opportunity (news)
FEMA Flood Map
FHA Handbook (PDF)
FHA Handbook (HUD page)
Find Mortgage Jobs
Find Wholesale Lenders Lookup
(mortgage elements)

FHLMC (blog)
FHLMC Home Possible Income & Property Eligibility (Tool)
FNMA Eligibility (Matrix)
FNMA (selling guide)
FNMA (selling guide quick links)
FNMA (Summary of all 2017 updates)
FHMA (home ready product)
FNMA Home Ready (eligibility tool)
FNMA Marketing Center
FNMA SFR Business Update Page

FNMA SFR News Update Page

Gooi (contract processing)
HECM Pricing Engine
Henry Loans
Housing Wire
Kamakura Analytic

Loan Craft (tax return analysis service)
Loftium (down payment program)
MFI Miami – Fraud Investigation
Mortgage Banker’s Association
Mortgage News Daily
Mortgage News Digest
MortgagePro360 (contract ops)
Mortgage Professor
Mortgage Rules & Regulations
Mortgage Shots (mortgage news site)
Mortgage Shots (mortgage news videos)
Mortgage X

National Mortgage Professional (jobs & marketing)
National Real Estate Post (Frank & Brian)
Provident Funding
Raymond James Mtg Calculator
Reverse Mortgage Alert (info & stats)
Reverse Mortgage Calculator
SandRack (institutional mortgage fraud blog)
Scotsman Guide
Teri Buhl –  Investigative Journalism
The M Report
TRID Final
TRID Made Easy (videos)
UberWriter (underwriting tips)

Mandelman Matters (blog)
The Truth About Mortgage
VA Mortgage Training Bootcamp (video)

Loan Servicing / Alt Investors

Elk Rock Capital Partners
Incenter Mortgage Advisors

Liberty Road Media
Living Lies (legal info.)
Macquire Group
Phoenix Capital

Prestwick Mortgage Group

ATM Outsourcing Companies:
ATM News Feed


Dolphin Debit
The Central Bank will supposedly improve the economy by creating money and pumping it into the treasury market, which in turn creates increased debt for the U.S. taxpayer.

Banking | Financial Services
AdvisorHUB (advisor friendly)
AFP (Association For Financial Professionals)
The Bankwatch
Business Development

1/2 FTHBs Not Pre-approved (video)
Any Given Sunday (pre-game speech)
Business Time Zone
Branding Article
Cal[HFA] Info

Deferred Sales Trust (explained)
Derek Sivers (inspirational business perspectives)

Do My Marketing (newsletters)
Financial Calculators
GetResponse (email marketing)

Glen Ross Sales Meeting (video)
Google Compare (mortgage broker)

Impact Investing Texas (seller finance investment model)
Keep Calm (creator)
LinkedIn Marketing Webinars
On Line Marketing Services (richard sink)
Post Card Marketing Service
Power Real Estate Agents (podcast interviews)
Press Release News Wire

Press Release Sites
Property Radar (foreclosure data)

Prospecting Tutorial
Reach150 referral management
Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Service

Realtor Marketing Field Guide
Realtor Business Development Tips Blog

Recruitment: Strategy Article
Road Runner Solutions (buyer to lender | realtor matching)

Top 1000 Neighborhoods (by income)
Strategic Advantage (mortgage pubic relations firm)
Successors Data
Successful Sales With $0 Marketing Budget (audio)
The Artisan Group (marketing alliance)

The Mortgage Reports (marketing)
Wealth-X (data)

Motivational Quote:
Every morning in Africa a Gazelle wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or be killed. 

Every morning the lion wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle….

When the sun comes up you’d better be running.

– Anonymous African Realtor

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Mortgage Humor. Somedays, it probably does seem like this to my friends in loan origination positions.:

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