Intelligence drives the fight:

Market Indicators:
Daily Mortgage Rate Commentary
US Major Indicies
Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates
IWM (small cap ticker)
BCOMABX (Barrick Mining)
BCOM (Bloomberg Commodity Index)
Gold – Silver (Spot Pricing)
CL (NYMEX Crude Oil)
SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust)
SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
TiaFu30 (crypto index)
NBI (Biotechnology Index)
XBT.1 (Bitcoin Futures CBOE)
Bitcoin/USD (BTC=:Exchange)
Bitcoin (google trends – 80% price track accuracy)
FRED charts & stats
On Line Newspaper lists

24/7 Wall Street
American Consequences
Armstrong Economics
Business Insider
Calculated Risk
Classical Capital
Daily Job Cuts
Daily Reckoning
Dollar Collapse
Exchange Stabilization Fund In 5 Parts
E-Trade Baby Loses Everything
Fiat Leak (Bitcoin flows)
Financial Post (Canada) (Bitcoin flows)
Financial Repression Authority
Greg Mannarino (channel)
Traders Choice (Greg Mannarino site)
Growth Stock Wire
Hambone’s Stuff
Jesse’s Cafe American
Jim Sinclair’s Mineset
King World News
Leasing News
Ludwig Von Mises Institute
Market Realist (investment research)
Market Skeptics (ESF history videos)
Mauldin Economics
Max Keiser
  Keiser Report (videos)
Mining News

Mish Talk
  Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis
Mortgage Fraud Blog
My Budget 360 (blog)
Naked Capitalism
NASDAQ Market System Status
Of Two Minds
Our Finite World (oil & economy)
Paul Craig Roberts
Portfolio Wealth Global
Pulse Wave Trading (site)
Algo Capitalist (channel)
Rogue Money (site)
Rogue Money (channel)
San Jose Mercury (Business Section)
S&P 500 Heat Map (FINVIZ)
  Financial News (FINVIZ)
  Simple Indicators
The Automatic Earth
The Daily Coin
Freedom Outpost
The Economic Collapse
The Economic Times (India)

The Financial Armageddon
The Monetary Reset
The Sirius Report (London Paul)
The Sounding Line
The Trends Journal (Gerald Celente blog)
Tom Dispatch (economic / political)
True Financial Education (blog)
USA Watchdog (Greg Hunter)
US Bureau Of Labor & Statistics
US Debt Clock
Value Walk
Wall Street Cheat Sheet
Wall Street Daily
Wall Street On Parade
Wolf Street
World Alternative Media (financial video interviews)

World Market Index
X22 Report
  X22 Report Channel
Zero Hedge

Privacy Search Engines:
Encrypted USB (mygoldusb.com – Silverback)
How to use Silverback (video)

    Ace Of Coins (digital privacy)
Hidden Wiki (tor.onion)
YaCy.net (de-centralized search)

Alt Social Media:
DailyMotion (alt-youtube videos)
real.video(alt-youtube videos)

Precious Metals:
Bex Engraving Mint
Bullion Bulls Canada
Fiat Collapse Charts
Gold – Silver (Spot Pricing)
JM Bullion (buy with Bitcoin)
Silver Doctors News
Silver Shield Exchange (commemorative)
SD Bullion
TF Metals Report
USAGOLD (news)


Altcoin Today
Bitcoin.org (original Bitcoin)
Bitcoin ATM Finder (+other general info)
Bitcoin For Dummies
BitFlyer (exchange)
Blocktrail (enter in your block or transaction ID for BTC transaction status)
BFXData (margin funding influence chart)
Boxmining (news channel)
Cedric Dahl (1000X return channel)
CoinBase (exchange)
CoinDesk (blockchain news)
(crypto debit card)
Crypto (Market Pricing)
Crypt0 (news channel)
Cryptocoins News
Crypto (tax calculator service)
Electronic Cash Description (1996)
Financial Turmoil (channel)
How the blockchain will radically transform the economy (Bettina Warburg TED Talk)
Kraken (exchange)
Node Investor (trading channel)
Paper Wallet (guide)
Ryan Lye (trader channel)
The Cryptoverse (news channel)
TiaFu30 (crypto index)
Wallet (safety & security tips)

Top 300 Conservative Sites
Able Danger
Accredited Times ☺
Activist Post
Allen West

All News Pipeline

All Self Sustained

Alternative News (Mike Adams aggregator)
AMTV (alternative media tv)
The Health Ranger Report (Mike Adams)

American Digest
American Herald Tribune
Americans For Limited Government
Ancient Code (unique history)
Ancient Origins (ancient history news)
Anti Media
NetRight Daily 
Americans For Tax Payer Reform
American Free Press
American Thinker
America’s Freedom Fighters
American Intelligence Media
Apartment Prepper
Armed American Radio
Bad Quaker
Before It’s News
Big Government
Black Listed News

Blazing Cat Fur
Boing Boing
Black Pigeon Speaks (channel)


Branco (political comics) ☺

Breaking All The Rules
Buffalohair Gazette
Canada Free Press
Chemtrail Planet
Christian Patriots
Christian Times ☺

Citizens Journal | Ventura
CNS News
Collapse News

Conservative Tribune

Council On Foreign Relations (globalist organization)

Counter Punch
Crusader Journal
  Paul Begley Prophecy
Cutting Edge News Updates
Daily Defense News
Daily Stormer (R)

Danger Room
Dark Journalist

David Icke
DC Whispers
Defend Europa
Defense One
Deseret News
Dirt People
DiscloseTV (weird news)
Doug Ross
Dormant Ideas

Drudge Report
Dutch Anarchy
Earl Of Taint ☺
ECSB Journal

End Of The American Dream

End The Fed

End The Lie
Engineering Evil (news)

EPIC (electronic privacy information center)
Express (UK Alt Media)
Freedom Fighters For America
Free Republic
Free Thought Project
Front Page Mag
Executive Branch Project (blog)
Food & Water Watch
Freedom’s Phoenix
Freeman’s Perspective

Full Spectrum Dominance
Gateway Pundit
Geoengineering Watch
Giza Death Star
Global Research
Haaretz (Israel Alt-News)
Hot Air
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
Humans Are Free
(woo, woo)
 Alex Jones (YT channel)
Resistance News (YouTube)
Information Clearing House (alt news aggregator)

Investment Watch

Jane’s Defense
John Lockett (YT channel)
John B. Wells Show
John Rappoport’s Blog

Joint Investigation (resistance)
Judicial Watch (gov watch dog)
Kakistocracy Blog
KrisAnne Hall (constitutional liberty channel)
Left Coast Resistance

Lew Rockwell (blog)
Liberty And Lead 2.0
Liberty Never Sleeps (YT channel)
Liberty Road Media
Liberty’s Torch (w/good list to other sites)
Lightly Bruised Turnip
Lisa Leaks
Live Leak
Mad World News

Maggie’s Farm
Mass Privatel (justice / rights / privacy blog

McClatchy DC 
Michael Savage (Podcasts)
Milfuegos (political blog)

Mother Jones
Mountain Republic Blog
Murica Today
Natural News
National Police Misconduct (reporting project)
Neon Nettle

News 10 Sacramento
News Wars
News Mutiny
Nevada State Gov Crime Watch
Next News Network
Nice Deb (commentary)
Nicholson1968 (channel)
No More Fake News (Jon Rappoport)
North West Liberty News
Now The End Begins

Oath Keepers
Occidental Dissent (R)
Old Thinker News
Off The Grid News
Of Two Minds
Overpass For America
Pacific Patriots Network

Patrick Buchanan
Patriots For America (action)
Patriots For America (California chapter)

Paul Craig Roberts (political economy)
Patriot Rising
Patriots For Truth
People Of Walmart
PJ Media

Planet Infowars (beta)
Police State USA
Politifake meme’s
Poor Richard’s News
PragerU (short issue summary videos)
Prison Planet
Project Chesapeake
Propaganda Matrix

Protocols Of ZION

Public Intelligence Rare
Pundit From Another Planet
Puppet String News
Radcast (radiation info.)
Radiation News
Radix Journal (r)
Alternative Right (r)
American Renaissance (r)
Real Clear Politics
Real News, Right Now ☺

Reclaim Our Republic
Red Ice (Sweden)

Red State
Refugee Resettlement Watch

Renegade Press

Remember These 14 Words (R)

Resister In The Rockies
Reveal News | Center For Investigative Reporting
Revolution Radio
Saboteur365 (R)
Secure Freedom Radio
Social Matter
Sheeple TV

SHTF School (essays)
Signs Of The Times
Sipsey Street Irregulars (liberty speeches)
Slave Planet
Sluth Journal
Small Wars Journal
Smoloko (R)
Socio-Economics History (blog)
Sovereign Man (offshore consultant news)
Sputnik International News

State Of The Nation
Stefan Molyneux (Freedomain Radio)

Steve Quayle (blog)
Steyn Online

Stop Shouting

Storm Clouds Gathering
Stormfront White Nation

Story Leak
Straight Line Logic
StratRisks (global political)
Strike The Root
Suckers On Parade
Surviving The Doom (aggregator)
Sweet Liberty
Tax Abuse Blog

Tea Party News Network
Technocracy News
Red Pill Expo ( wood = 15% discount code)
TED (ideas worth spreading)
The American Mirror
The Appalachian Messenger
The Atlas Business Journal
The Baverton
The Black Robe Regiment
The Blaze
The Breakaway
The Daily Bell
The Daily Currant
The Daily Signal

The Daily Sheeple
The Common Sense Show (Dave Hodges)
The Event Is Coming Soon

The Fifth Column News
The Forbidden Knowledge
The Fullerton Informer
The Gold Water (random news)
The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald)
The International Forecaster
The Last Refuge

The Liberty Foundation
The Mental Recession

The Mind Unleashed
The National Policy Institute
The New Modern Man

The New Observer (r)
The Onion
The Other McCain
The Patriot Post
The People’s Cube ☺
The Political Port (videos)
The Rutherford Institute
The Smallest Minority
The Smoking Gun
The Total Collapse
The Truth
The Truth Seeker (UK)
The Unhived Mind
The Washington Free Beacon
The Z Man
Thrive Movement
Top 150 Conservative News Sites
True Activist
True Pundit
Trump Tower Lobby Elevator (live)
Truth Stream
Truth Uncensored
Two Ice Floes
USA Watch Dog (Greg Hunter)
Underground World News

  DABOO77 (you tube channel)Union Watch
US Uncut
Vermont Loon Watch
Very Top Secret Information

Veterans Today
Victory Girls Blog
View Zone Magazine
War On Guns
Walking Times
Washington’s Blog ☺
Washington Examiner

Wayne Madsen Report

WUWT (global warming news)
Weaponized News

We Are change
Web Bot Radio (Clif High)
Weasel Zippers

Weekly World News
Western Journalism
Western Rifle Shooter’s Association
Western Spring(R)
What Really Happened
Where Is The Money
White GeNOcide Project

Whiteout Press
What Does It Mean
What Ever Happen To Common Sense?

Whiskey In A Jar (blog)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (blog)
Wikileaks (most damaging emails list)

World Lifestyle (social photography) ☺
World Muslim Congress


Woodpile Report

Your News Wire

Earth Files
NWO (Power Structure Docs)
Stop The Crime (Deborah Tavares)

Countercomand Amendment Info:
Kelli D Gordon III% TX

Art Of Manliness
  Art Of Manliness (channel)
Asset Protection Planning Tips
All Outdoor (tips)
American Preppers Network
American Preppers Network (forum)
American Redoubt Realty
Ask A Prepper How To
Back & Beyond
Backdoor Survival
Backwoodsman Magazine

Backwoods Home Magazine
Backwoods Survival Blog
Bushcraft & Survival Skills
Canadian Preppers Network
Canadian Prepper Channel

Cody Lundin (prepper – survival channel)
Combat Studies Group
Communications Trade Craft
Dan Morgan 76
Defense Training Group
Defcon Warning System
Dyna (commercial log splinters)
EMF Shield Clothing
Every Citizen A Soldier
Food Storage Survival Blog
Forward Observer (open source intelligence to reduce uncertainty)

Freeze Dry Guy (food)
Guerrilla America
Gear Patrol (luxury)
Great Lakes Survival Company (product sales)
Grow Network
Make Medicine at Home
Happy Prepper (tips)
Harvest Right (in home freeze dryer)
Homesteading Today (forum)
Incorporation Tips (starve the monkey)
Ice Age Farmer
InStove (whole house rocket stove)
It’s Tactical
Jammer All
Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed (sales)
Last Minute Prepper
Learn Organic Gardening
Lehman’s Hardware Store
Los Angeles Survival Group
Mason Dixon Tactical

Max Velocity Tactical
Militia News

Minutemen News

Modern Survival Online

Mountain Guerrilla (books)
Morse Code (learn)
My Militia (organize)
Organic Gardening (videos)
Patrick’s Bushcraft (videos)
Prepared Christian
Prepper Website
Prepper Resources
Prepping To Survive
Pressure Canning (how to)
Q Wealth Blog

Radio Reference
Ready Nutrition Blog
Reality Survival Blog
RC40 6000 Luma Flash Light
Ready Made Resources (gear)
Safecastle (survival gear)
Safe Rooms
Sean Linnane Blog
SHTF (blog)

SHTF School (essays)
Sipsey Street Irregulars (liberty)
Starving The Monkeys (tips)
Stormseeker (Military Surplus)
StoveTec (rocket stove)
Suburban Survival Blog

Survivalist Blog

Survival Retreat Consulting (relo)
Survival Blog

Survival Pulse

The Art Of Manliness

The Defensive Training Group
The Lizard Farmer
The Organic Prepper
The Prairie Homestead (skills building)
The Prepper Journal
The Survivalist Blog
The Tactical Hermit

Top 50 Survival Blog List
Uniden Home Patrol II (scanner review)

US Army Ranger Handbook – 2011 Edition

White Rose (liberty)
Wilderness Medical Journal
Willow Haven Outdoor Prepper
Wolfdancer’s Den
Wranglerstar (modern homestead channel)

ARMY MONSTER (Super Soldier Fitness)
KRAV MAGA TRAINING (pain is temporary)

Arabian Oil & Gas News

Beacon Energy News
Bunker Ports News
Cline Shale Central
Energy China Forum
Fuel Fix
Fractional Flow

Midland TX Real Estate

Moving To Midland (video) 10/2013
MRT (Midland Reporter Telegram)
Offshore Energy Today
Offshore Magazine
Oil & Gas 360

Oil & Gas Investor
Oil & Gas Journal
Oil On Line
Oil Price
Oil Pro
Oil Voice
PennEnergy News
Permian Basin Energy
Power Source (news)
Roseland Oil & Gas News

Shale Energy Insider
Texas Oil & Gas
Unconventional Gas
World Oil (upstream news)

● Cannabis:
Marijuana Business Daily
Cannabis News Network
G FarmaLabs
Green Rush Consulting
Leaf Buyer (price engine)
The Cannifornian

Agriculture Defense Coalition
Bear Creek Soup & Rice Packs
Christopher Nyerges (wild foods)
Costco Emergency Food
Experimental Vaccines News
Famine Food Storage Menu
Farm Wars
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (recovery story)
Food Dome
Food Freedom Heirloom Seeds
Foodraising.org (grow box system)
Food Safety News
Health Ranger (store)

iHealthTube (nutrition & cancer)
How To Grow A Back To Eden Garden
Medical Bill Sharing (individual mandate alternative)
Mountain House (freeze dried food)
Natural Society
Non-GMO Project
Personal Safety Tips
Pemmican (how to make)
Pressure Canning (how to)
Restoring Cast Iron Pans

Spirit Foods (food information)
Survival Acres
The Epicenter (food prep)
The Truth About Cancer
The Watchers (environment news)
Urban Farming
(YT Channel)
Wise Food Storage

Self Defense
1873 Disassembly For Cleaning (Video)
AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems
22 Ballistic Table
Active Response Training

All 4 Shooters (Western European)

Ammo Seek

ArmsList – Classified
Breach, Bang, Clear
DFNDR (Body Armor)

Calguns (blog)
Cal Legal (rifles)
CDNN Guns & Accessories
Cold Steel (knives)
Common Handgun Cartridges
Cornered Cat
CrossBreed Holsters
Custom Cartridge, Inc.
Down East Gun Works (lever scout gun builds)
5 Star Firearms (speed loaders)
FPS Russia (channel)
Forgotten Weapons (channel)
Forgotten Weapons (site)

Funker Tactical
Gallery Of Guns
Goodland Guns
Guns Saves Lives (stories)
GinCite (rights)
Holographic Sight Guide 
How To Deal With Police On The Street (video)

Home Made Guns
It’s Tactical
L3 Sights
Lucky Gunner (cheap ammo)
Military Packs
Mossberg 590 A1 SPX
Musical Gun Targets
On Line Training
Optics Planet
Palmetto State Armory
Preppers Discount (suppressors)
Primary Arms
Protective Equipment
Pyramid Air
Rifle Scope Guide
Second Amendment Committee
Self Defense: A basic human right
Shooting Sports Retail Magazine

Shooting Targets (print for free)
Sight Adjustment (video)
Sighting-in-10 minutes
Sportsman’s Guide
Store Guns
Surplus Ammo
Tactical Walls
The AR Guys
The Ammo Channel
The Firearm Blog

The Gun Writer
The Super Shorty (12 gauge)
The Truth About Guns (blog)
ThermTac Ghost Suit
Utah Concealed Carry Info
WRB Holsters

Al Bawab (Middle East & Arab News)
Africa Unauthorized
Asia Times
Asia Today
Buenos Aries Herald
China Daily
China Daily Mail (liberty minded)

China Economic Observer
Columbia Reports
East Asia Tribune☺
EU Times
Fox News (Latino)

Gulf News
Inside Costa Rica News
Insight Crime (Americas)
Mid East TV

National Post
New Eastern Outlook

People’s Daily (China Communist Party news)
Peruvian Times
PressTV (UK)
Project Syndicate
Red Ice TV

RIA Novosti

RT News
South China Morning Post
Sydney Morning Herald
Tass (russian news agency)

The Bubble (Argentina)
The European Union Times

Voice Of Russia

Who Rules The World (summary)
A Brief Guide To Understanding Islam
Alsha & Muhammad (banned video)
Ann Barnhardt
Bad Priest Search

Bare Naked Islam

Bible Gateway
Biblicism Institute
Catholic Culture
Catholic Men
Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Christian News Network
Daniel Passini (Christian Blog)
David Icke Talks about the Jewish Secrets
D13 Watchman
Echos Of Enoch
Faith & Heritage
God In A Nutshell (Trey Smith)
Gospel Of Thomas (all 114 sayings)
Henrynakow (Illuminati research)
How the Ashkenazi Jews conquered the West
Ignatius Insight

Jihad Watch (quire private property)
John Maxwell
King James Bible
Love Disciple (blog)
Lords Prophecy (Mark Taylor)
Lyn Leahz

Meta Research
Midnight Watchers

Novos Ordo Watch

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim (video)
Palestinian Media Watch
Plough Bible Study
Prophecy News

Raymond Ibrahim (Islam translated)
Redefing God

Rescue Christians
Rorate Caeli

Smith’s Bible History – Dictionary
The Christian Post
The Greatest Hoax (index)
The Muslim Issue (news)
The Religion of Peace
Way Of The Future Church (tech religion)
Z3 | End Times News

Science & Technology:
Arlo Wireless Security Camera Systems
Amazing Universe
Ancient Code (unique history)

ARS Technia UK

Best VPN (internet security) Services

Climate Viewer News
Defeating Censorware
Discover Magazine
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Bill Mullings’ Weblog

MIT Technology Review
Off The Record Messaging

Tech Insider (magazine)
Tech Tutorials
The Disclosure Project (Dr. Steven Greer)
The Hacker News
The Register

The Scale Of The Universe2

Apocalypse Now – Ride Of The Valkyries
Epic Music Mix 1
Grey’s Anatomy Music

Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’ (1969)

Jim Croce – Time In A Bottle (1973)
Lord Of The Rings Symphony
Music For Airports
Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts
Ride Of The Valkyries
The Barber Of Seville

EAA (sport aviation videos)

GUY MARTIN – 275-Kmh Speed Wobble – Isle of Man (video)
Gymkahana Five

Jay Leno’s Garage
Junkyard Part Search
Live Auto Traffic Cameras (CA)
Live Auto Traffic Tracker (CA)
Live Air Traffic Tracker (global)
Live Marine Traffic Tracker (global)
Rokon 2-Wheel Motorcycles
Show My Street
Sportsmobile 4WD
The Maritime Executive

Random Blogs:
American Law Of The Land
Lemanshots – Fine Pictures
Main Republic Email Alert

Alien Evidence?

Ancient Civilizations-Pyramids South Pole and Elsewhere!
Arguing From Ignorance (channel)

Best Gore (videos)
Miscopy (gore videos)
Bilderberg Member Chart
Burma-Shave Jingles
The Philosophy Of Liberty

How Banking Works
How The Economy Works
Building The Machine (Common Core)
Conrad The Constitution

1950’s American Pop Culture Pictures
Edward Snowden Interview
Email Address to Image Converter
Essiac Cancer Cure

  Essiac documentary
Every Day Romp’n
Fire & Ice: Winter War Finland & Russia

Free TV
Holodomor (1932 – 1933)
Holocaust Time Line (Germany)
H.L. Mencken Quotes
Idealist Revolution (unique articles)

If I Were The Devil (Paul Harvey 1964)
I Put A Spell On You
Insider (lifestyle)

MeMe (make your own)
Nephilim Chronicles

Obama Admits He’s Muslim (video)
Obama: False Hope video
Oddity Mall (unusual items)
PayNoIncomeTax.com (Irwin Schiff)
Federal Mafia (ebook)
Tax Free Kit Materials
Public Intelligence Document Reports
To Protect & Infect (how NSA tools work video)
Reagan vs. Obama – Social Economics 101
Rule Of Law (definition)
Satellite eye on Earth (images)
The Obsolete Man
The Soviet Story (video documentary)
US Constitution
US National Archives
US Treasury Property Auctions
USA vs US (comparison)
USA vs US (research links)
The Greatest Raid Of All
The Watchers (news)
TVPC (watch TV)

Vince Lewis (various interests)
Vintage Ad Browser
Vivid Maps

Web Surfing (free)
What Is A US Citizen?
William Shatner – Gun Control Works
World Meters
Word & Silence (arts & travel)

Word Press Beginner
Word Press User Tips
Zack Taylor: Southern Border Agenda

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