Congressman Calls CFPB The Gestapo

Source: The National Real Estate Post

“Florida Congressman Dan Webster slams CFPB for gathering sensitive information on 53 million Americans with Gestapo like techniques into a database that every Federal employee has access to.

Over here at the National Real Estate Post we’ve being barking about the fact that the CFPB has no one to answer to.  To us they seem like a rogue agency going wild imposing fines on literally any company they want.  Most companies don’t even try to fight the claims made by the CFPB as it’s simply cheaper to settle.  And when we say cheaper, we mean often times to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars even for small companies.

Florida’s Dan Webster has made it known how he feels about them and it’s not much different than us.  His gripe right now is how much sensitive personal data the CFPB has gathered on 53 million Americans.  What gives the CFPB the right to obtain this data?  How well protected is it?  Well according to a hearing testimony the data on these 53 million Americans is in a database that every Federal employee has access to!  We over here don’t think they have the right to collect this data, along with Mr. Webster.  Problem is, there’s no one to look into the situation and see what’s going on.  Great.”

Click here for Congressman Webster’s video testimony.