Israel’s SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Program Poses Fascinating Questions

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“As things stand at the moment, it is hard to deny the possibility of a correlation between mass vaccination and a sharp spike in Covid-19 cases in both Israel and Britain.”
Gilad Atzmon

(by Mike Whitney) Imagine if the Covid vaccine actually contributed to the spread of the infection rather than stopping it. Can you imagine what a catastrophe that would be? Unfortunately, there are signs that that is precisely what is happening in the countries that have implemented the most aggressive vaccination programs.

Take Israel, for example. In the last 6 weeks, Israel has vaccinated roughly 40% of its population of 9 million people including nearly all of those in the most vulnerable age group of 60 years and older. It’s quite an achievement. Also–according to Dr Daniel Landsberger, Chief physician Maccabi Healthcare Services–

“Only 1 in 10,000 who got the vaccine got infected with Covid and none of them have been hospitalized. We are hoping by the middle of March, we will be able to return to normal life.” (NBC News)

It all sounds so good that one can only wonder why vaccinations have recently slowed to a crawl and the government is now researching ways to coerce the public into getting the jab.

Why would that be? Why would people hesitate to get vaccinated in the face of such a stunning success? Check out this clip from an article at The Times of Israel titled “As demand for vaccines plummets, Israel may resort to incentive programs”:

“With Israel’s world-leading vaccination drive slowing because of a collapse in demand, the Health Ministry and some private firms are looking at ways to incentivize Israelis to go and get their shots… it was decided that a plan would be presented for the approval of the Finance Ministry, which would allow HMOs to give staff members who persuade patients to get vaccinated a salary bonus.

The Givatayim municipality will offer a municipal tax deduction for every family that has been vaccinated.

Pelephone, Yes! and Bezeq International announced a collaboration with the “Latet” charity firm in which they will donate a hot meal to those in need for each of the 4,000 employees of the companies who get vaccinated….

There have also been worrying signs of medical workers declining to be vaccinated.”… demand has dropped by 50 percent since a record 240,000 Israelis were vaccinated on January 12. “We have no explanation for why people are not coming….(“As demand for vaccines plummets, Israel may resort to incentive programs“, The Times of Israel)

How do you like that: Free meals, tax deductions and even lavish salary bonuses. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to inject themselves with an experimental treatment that was rushed through development in just 8 months, precluded critical animal trials, never finished Phase 3 human trials and which has been more extravagantly marketed than any medical product in history?

Are they all conspiracy nuts and anti-vaxxers or are they just ordinary people who follow the news and draw their own conclusions about the efficacy and safety of these “groundbreaking” mRNA vaccines? Author Alex Berenson summed it up like this on his Twitter account last week:

“The vaccine campaign has collapsed in Israel. Israelis are NOT anti-vaccine. Up to 98% get normal childhood vaccines. But they know the Covid vaccines are different. And they are smart enough to wonder why their epidemic won’t end almost two months into mass vaccinations.” Alex Berenson

This is precisely the point: There’s no indication that Israel’s vaccine strategy is working, in fact, quite the contrary. Check out this blurb from an article by Gilad Atzmon at Unz Review:

“Ynet points out that… after six weeks in lock down the situation didn’t improve at all. Despite Israel leading the world mass vaccination experiment, its COVID transmission rate is among the worst in the Western world.

The Ynet article stresses that “tomorrow at 7:00 AM the third lockdown will end, a month and a half after it was imposed – and the COVID data is much worse today compared with the situation at the beginning… at the point of departure of the third lockdown at the end of December, the rate of positive tests was 4.9%, the number of critical hospitalized patients was then 949, the number of verified cases was 4,010….. On Tuesday, the positive rate was 8.9%, the number of patients was 1,101 and the number of verified cases was 7,183. Even the R number, which determines whether the epidemic is spreading, has risen again to 1 in recent days.” (“Israel’s Third Lockdown- a Spectacle of Failure”, The Unz Review)

Okay, so by every objective standard, the situation is worse than it was before. And what’s particularly concerning, is that the vaccine could very well be playing a part in the perpetuation of the crisis.

How could that be? Here’s what the author says:

“The combined number of vaccinated Israelis and those who recovered from COVID in the past should have provided Israel with a relatively strong herd immunity, enough to defeat the virus or at least reduce its reproduction rate. But the facts on the ground suggest the complete opposite. The transmission rate in Israel is higher than pretty much anywhere else. In fact the troubling correlation between mass vaccination and illness suggests that the more you vaccinate, the more COVID cases you find…

In short, if we learn something from the ‘Israeli experiment’ it may be possible to conclude that the less you vaccinate, the more healthy your community is as a whole.

Considering the validated fact that the vaccinated are proved to be relatively immune at least at the present time, the only explanation (I can think of) for spike of cases, deaths and mutants in mass vaccinated states is the horrifying possibility that the vaccinated are actually spreading the virus and especially its mutants (particularly the British one). This possibility must be investigated. It is supported by established data collected in mass vaccinating countries, such as the UAE, USA, Britain and Portugal. Shortly after a mass vaccination campaign is launched, we detect a sharp exponential rise in cases and, tragically, deaths to follow….” (“Israel’s Third Lockdown- a Spectacle of Failure”, The Unz Review)

This is an important point that needs to be emphasized: The only place we’re seeing these ” sharp exponential rise in cases” is in the “mass vaccinating countries, such as the UAE, USA, Britain and Portugal.” Interestingly, the sharp uptick in cases does not follow the normal trajectory of respiratory infections. British Data Analyst Joel Smalley produced an informative video on this topic on January 30 where he showed a sudden spike in deaths uniformly across England shortly after the release of the vaccine, that is, the deaths seemed to correspond to the launching of vaccine. (England Mortality Analysis, Joel Smalley: See minutes 22 to 27)

Here’s more from Atzmon:

“Since Israel launched its vast vaccination campaign in December, it has been witnessing an exponential rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths….the Orthodox Jewish communities that were vaccinated en masse saw COVID cases rise 16-fold, while Israeli Arabs who at large refrained from vaccination saw numbers of COVID cases dropping sharply….

Examining the situation in the countries that are engaged in mass vaccination such as Israel, Britain, the USA and the UAE reveal that these countries witnessed a clear decline in COVID cases and deaths during late November and early December. However, just a few days after those countries launched their vaccination campaigns, the numbers of COVID cases and consequently deaths went through the roof….

It is crucial to verify, for instance, whether the rise in lethal mutations that we have seen in Britain is related to mass vaccination and the vaccine trials that have been taking place in the kingdom since the summer. The rapid change in the age of COVID-19 cases which we see in Israel and Britain also correlates with mass vaccination.” (A Brief Examination of Some Facts Related to Mass Vaccination“, The Unz Review)

So what might be causing this phenomenon? Is there some agent in the vaccine that can be neutralized so that people can be safely inoculated without fear of harm or transmission?

I have no idea, but there was an interesting article at Children’s Health Defense last month that seemed to suggest that this sort of thing could happen. Regrettably, the author provides no remedy for vaccine-generated crisis that could potentially increase the death toll by many millions of people. Here’s an extended excerpt from the article titled “In Rush to Create Magic-Bullet COVID Vaccines, Have We Made Matters Worse?”

“Study that found vaccines that don’t prevent viral transmission may accelerate evolution of more virulent strains could mean leading vaccine candidates may make COVID crisis worse….

When a virus infects a population of humans, only those viruses that have a living human host will survive. If a virus is so pathogenic that it kills the human it infected, it dies too. Therefore, mortality of the host kills the most severe forms of any virus over time. Infection rates may go up, but mortality goes down.

In a 2015 study published in PLOS Biology, researchers hypothesized that vaccination can subvert this process by allowing more virulent (i.e., more pathogenic and potentially deadly) strains of viruses to live in vaccinated hosts for prolonged time periods without killing the hosts. These vaccinated hosts, while infected, shed and spread virus, causing further transmission of the disease.

The researchers demonstrated this hypothesis with experiments on chickens vaccinated for a disease called Marek’s Disease, a viral pathogen known to decimate poultry facilities. Vaccinated chickens infected with more virulent strains of Marek’s Disease virus became infected and carried the infection over longer time periods. They also became “super spreaders” of the virus and transmitted the virus to unvaccinated chickens co-housed with those that received the vaccine.

Because of the higher virulence of the Marek’s Disease that was spread by the vaccinated chickens, the unvaccinated chickens usually died soon after infection.

However, the partial immunity afforded to the vaccinated chickens prolonged their survival and extended the period in which they were infectious and could continue to spread the disease.

Without vaccination, these more virulent strains of Marek’s Disease would die off with their host and would no longer circulate the virus in the population. Instead, vaccinated chickens became the perfect host to harbor the virus, allowing it to multiply and spread.

This begs the question regarding the use of vaccines that do not prevent virus transmission or are not known to prevent virus transmission. Neither of the current COVID-19 vaccines in distribution (Pfizer and Moderna) has been shown to prevent transmission. In fact, this type of testing was not done in their rushed “warp speed” clinical studies.

Instead, both vaccines were tested for their ability to prevent more severe symptoms. In both instances, some vaccinated patients were still infected. Without prevention of transmission, these individuals spread the virus that was intended to be eradicated. As the authors of the 2015 research state in their summary:

“When vaccines prevent transmission, as is the case for nearly all vaccines used in humans, this type of evolution towards increased virulence is blocked. But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist.”

With the emergence of more infectious forms of COVID-19 circulating in Europe, it seems we may have created the perfect storm to prolong the pandemic, rather than curtail it — because the vaccines were developed and tested based on the original form of circulating COVID-19, not the new strains.

In our rush to create magic-bullet vaccines, have we instead created a scenario to cause more pain and suffering?” (“In Rush to Create Magic-Bullet COVID Vaccines, Have We Made Matters Worse?”, Brian Hooker Ph.D, Children’s Health Defense)

I have nothing to add.

Source: by Mike Whitney | The UNZ Review