Switzerland Cancels Their Currency

(Martin Armstrong) The cancellation of the Swiss currency is a serious issue for they are no longer legal tender. Already, much of the 1,000 franc notes reside outside of Switzerland. They are replacing the notes with new ones which is in line with the problem with currency in Europe, to begin with. They are NOT eliminating all paper money as of yet. This practice in Europe prevents hoarding cash and compels people to come forward and explain where they got the money.

The notes are NO LONGER legal tender and they are giving everyone until October 30th, to deposit them or lose 100%. Of course, moving for a one-world government headed by the UN, canceling all currency, and COVID lock downs for a virus that may have been man made, and a death ratio of just 0.028%, all of this is just a conspiracy theory if you try to connect any dots whatsoever. Our role in society is to play the fool. Just shut up, social distance for everyone is a threat with some disease, and stay in your home and just be ruled. Read the fake news and watch fake TV programs that are the new cancel culture. And, btw, have no children. Drink and get drunk is preferable. Responsibility may soon become a crime.

Previously, in 1952, the national bank ceased issuing 5-franc notes but introduced 10-franc notes in 1955. In 1996, 200-franc notes were introduced whilst the 500-franc note was discontinued. The likelihood of redemption is nill if you are in the United States. I personally use to keep a few hundred dollars worth of most currencies for traveling purposes. What I had from India is worthless and now the Swiss. I suspect the Euro will be next and they will probably cancel at a minimum the 500€ notes if not the 100€.

This is simply the agenda. I have explained the Russian cancellation of 1991. There they accomplished two things. First, they restricted the amount of old notes you could even redeem to 1,000 rubles. Second, the Russian currencies were throughout Eastern Europe and those states broke away. Hence, it was outright canceling the currency outside of Russia.

After they are finished with canceling all the currency, next will be to eliminate all crypto currencies. Then the Democrats are planning the same. They are intending to do this in 2022 marketing it as the filth rich are hoard cash. About US $1,000,000 in $100 bills weighs around 22.046 pounds (10 kilograms). So $10 million is over 220 pounds. It is easier to buy art, rare coins, stamps, cars, and real estate.

Emily Ratajkowski’s digital photo sold at Christie’s for $140,000. I really do not know what you do with that one.

Source: by Martin Armstrong | Armstrong Economics