General Mark Milley Admits Trump Was Being Managed By Administrative State Group Who Run Government, Mike Pompeo and Mark Meadows Assisted

(Sundance) Years of agonizing and frustrating reviews and analysis of the Trump administration activity in real-time are reconciling today. During Senate testimony today before the Armed Services Committee, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley, clarified some very painful issues to accept. President Trump was being heavily managed by operatives of the Senior Executive Service (SES), and his inner circle was willfully participating.

What follows is in no way a defense of Milley, quite the contrary, Milley is a brutally political, manipulative, entitled and arrogant member of the United States armed forces.  His delusions of grandiosity represent the worst of our nation and can only be topped by one other, Anthony Fauci.

Earlier today, Milley was attempting to flex his power in the almost identical way we saw former FBI Director James Comey pull the same angle.   You might remember, during congressional testimony in March 2017 when Comey was questioned about why he never informed congressional ‘gang-of-eight’ oversight about the preceding eleven month FBI investigating the incoming President, Donald Trump.  Director Comey pontificated, obfuscated, dodged carefully, and then deflected responsibility by saying he informed the “national security council” under President Obama.

When General Milley attempted to justify his unilateral contacts with Chinese military officials, he made a similar, and remarkably telling, admission and deflection.

For the January 8th phone call with General Lee of China, Milley stated he informed President Trump’s Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  Keep in mind that Kash Patel has publicly stated General Milley did not inform Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller directly; at least to his knowledge.  So, Milley’s secondary point about notifying Christopher Miller in January 2020 needs to be reconciled carefully.

Listen carefully to how Milley is describing those calls.  Specifically, pay attention to Milley saying the calls were initiated by him in response to “concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States.”   It is important to note what this is NOT.

The contact by Chairman Milley was not initially triggered by the Chinese contacting him or any U.S. official about their concerns.  The contact to them is justified by saying the U.S. intelligence community was generating intelligence that said the Chinese were worried.   The Chinese did not say they were worried, the U.S. intelligence community were saying they were worried.   Knowing how the Deep State, aka Fourth Branch of Government operates, keep that key point in mind.

Milley goes on to say, he was attempting to “deescalate” a situation the Chinese had never escalated.  Think about that carefully.

[WATCH from 09:00 forward, Prompted]

The first call, driven by U.S. Intelligence Community alarms, was made in October, before the election.  Then another call was requested by the Chinese on December 30, 2020, for scheduling on January 8, 2021, after the U.S. election.   Note this important statement surrounding the January 8th call: “Shortly after my call ended with General Lee, I personally informed Secretary of State Pompeo and White House Chief of Staff Meadows, about the call – among other topics.”

Notice who General Milley did not inform.  General Milley did not inform President Trump, nor his national security advisor Robert O’Brien. This framework appears intentional; however, when you overlay what we previously suspected and outlined about Mark Meadows and Secretary Pompeo, it all makes sense.

Just like many other people who preceded them in the administration, Meadows and Pompeo were in place to manage President Trump.  Unfortunately, accepting that reality brings with it a bunch of very concerning issues.

We’ve long suspected Mark Meadows was introduced into the Trump orbit specifically because the Fourth Branch was exerting influence and needed to mitigate any independent action by President Trump.  This is the same scenario around introducing former CIA Director Mike Pompeo for the same purposes.

Mike Pompeo and Mark Milley worked unilaterally without President Trump’s authority on at least one situation during the winter of 2019 when U.S. strikes took place.  [Background Here] [Background Here]. President Trump made Esper, Milley and Pompeo hold a press conference without Trump supporting them; then President Trump remained silent on the issue for days.  There were other issues with Pompeo which looked sketchy, but that one specifically was a big red flag (or cherry on the proverbial cake).

Mark Meadows was the source of frequent leaks against President Trump including his health status during his COVID hospital stay.  Mark Meadows was also the primary source for John Solomon when Meadows was in congress.  [Solomon made this admission during a podcast.]  During the peak of the 2018 “spygate” headlines, prior to the mid-term election, it became obvious that Solomon was being managed and steered in his reporting.  It always appeared that Meadows was attempting to tamp-down outrage within the Trump base in order to manage it.  John Solomon and the tick-tock club were a big factor in the success of that approach.

Source: by Sundance | The Conservative Tree House

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