Crisis Actors Pretending to be Dead Ukrainians Can’t Keep Still and Fox News Talking Heads Can’t Stop Lying

(Paul Craig Roberts) As you can see from the short video, anti-Russian psyops is in full operation: video/fVxGiHParDAC/  It tells us nothing about Russia, but much about ourselves. Western presstitutes have no morality, no integrity, and will lie for money even when the lies lead to nuclear war.

This video above is not Ukraine, it was a climate change protest in Vienna on 4 February, 2022, weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine. Convenient that the guy talking has a mask so you can’t read his lips. Watch the original:

Because Tucker Carlson is on Fox, many conservatives believe that Fox News is a conservative source of news.  Some of these conservatives are still living in the Cold War with the Soviet Union and have a long ingrained hatred of Russians. They don’t know why they hate Russians. It is just part of their Cold War culture.

Fox News’ Ukraine coverage is a constant stream of lies: “Putin Attacks Population Centers.”  “Putin murders more innocent civilians.” “Innocent children killed.”  “Putin fires missiles into population centers.” “Putin is Wreaking Carnage in Ukraine and No One Can Stop Him.” Interview after interview of Ukrainian women (allegedly) explaining the Russian atrocities. Constant disinformation from White House, Pentagon, State Department “briefings.” You would think by now that there is not a person left alive in Ukraine.

Fox News even had an interview with the neo-Nazi head of the Swastika-flying Azov Brigade who explained away the militias that have killed 15,000 Donbass Russians with 8 years of constant artillery fire as “democrats” and “freedom fighters resisting Russian oppression.”

The purpose of war propaganda is to demonize the enemy.  War propaganda is always a lie. But we are not at war. Why is the US making war propaganda against Russia when we are not at war? Why harden the attitudes of the populations of two nuclear powers against each other, thus making nuclear war in the future more likely? This is criminal irresponsibility. Yet, the dumb shit talking heads sit there on screen all day creating hatred. Who are they serving? The United States, indeed, the entire Western word, now consists of societies that lie for their living. Thus, “the empire of lies.”

Here is one of the many fake news reports of Russian defeats. One wonders what is the purpose of such blatant lies. Ukraine’s air force and air bases were wiped out prior to the invasion.

Here is another fake news report of Russia’s failed invasion:

The real scare comes from watching “our leaders” create a fictional world for us and for themselves woven from lies and fantasies, just as they did with Covid, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11, Vietnam, ad infinitum.  American modern history is simply a movement from one false reality to another. We have reached the point where no one in authority has any grasp on reality. This is real danger.

I said, correctly, that Putin would get no credit for his “war without civilian casualties,” and he hasn’t. No matter what Putin does, it will be painted black. By letting the war drag out, he is keeping the rabid Western propaganda machine in operation against Russia, while maximizing Russian casualties. Russia has lost the opportunity of a quick and decisive victory that would have stunned NATO and made its members wonder if enabling Washington’s provocations of Russia was a good idea.

What few seem to understand is that unless Washington’s provocations of Russia cease, eventually a red line will be crossed that results in nuclear war. It would have been a better outcome if Putin had gone on vacation and let Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechen province, take charge of the war.

The Kremlin, I think, can’t decide whether it wants to be a sovereign country or a member of the globalist new world order. During the Yeltsin era, Russia lost a chunk of its intellectual class to Western propaganda.  These Russians believe, erroneously, that Russia’s future depends on being part of the West. Washington knows this, and believes it can use these Russians to destabilize Russia and restore Washington’s hegemony over the world.

Sooner or later Washington is going to try to assassinate Putin–thus the numerous calls from American conservatives for his assassination–and to put in his place one of the West-worshipping Atlanticist Integrationists. If this attempt succeeds, Washington will then face off with China.  If the attempt fails, nuclear war is upon us.

Source: Paul Craig Roberts


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