The Smoking Crack Spread


(Global Macro Monitor) Right now, the traditional relationship between crude and refined products is broken. WTI is anchored around $100-$110 a barrel, suggesting that — in barrel terms — gasoline, diesel and jet-fuel prices shouldn’t be much higher, once you add the average refining margin. 

In reality, they are a lot more expensive. Take jet-fuel: in New York harbor, a key hub, it’s changing hands at the equivalent to $275 per barrel. Diesel isn’t far away, at about $175 a barrel. And gasoline is at about $155 a barrel. Those are wholesale prices, before you add taxes and marketing margins. 

…Oil refineries are complex machines, capable of processing multiple streams of crude into dozens of different petroleum products. For simplicity’s sake, the industry measures refining margins using a rough calculation called the “3-2-1 crack spread”: for every three barrels of WTI crude oil the refinery processes, it makes two barrels of gasoline and one barrel of distillate fuel like diesel and jet-fuel. 

From 1985 to 2021, the crack spread averaged about $10.50 a barrel. Even between 2004 and 2008, during the so-called golden age of refining, the crack spread never surpassed $30. It rarely spent more than a few weeks above $20. Last week, however, the margin jumped to a record high of nearly $55. Crack margins for diesel and other petroleum products surged much higher. 

From 1985 to 2021, the crack spread averaged about $10.50 a barrel. Even between 2004 and 2008, during the so-called golden age of refining, the crack spread never surpassed $30. It rarely spent more than a few weeks above $20. Last week, however, the margin jumped to a record high of nearly $55. Crack margins for diesel and other petroleum products surged much higher.  – Bloomberg

Source: Global Macro Monitor


The Economy and Markets

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Real Estate Bubble

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Precious Metals and Mining Stocks

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Monetary Madness, Cryptos & Currency Wars

5/26  JPMorgan says Bitcoin is 25% ‘undervalued’, Terra FUD overdone – ZH
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5/25  Russia to service debt in rubles after US closes loophole – Yahoo!

Sanctions, Shortages & Supply Shocks

5/26  One-billion people are at risk of rolling blackouts this summer – Oil Price
5/26  US allows 2-million baby formula cans in from UK, lets Abbott release 300,000 – ZH
5/26  World has just 10 weeks’ worth of wheat left after Ukraine war – Telegraph
5/26  White house advisors had secret meeting with Saudi Arabia to discuss energy – Oil Price
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5/26  Russia slams sanctions, seeks to shift blame for food crisis – AP
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FED-up & Underfed: Inflation from Too Much Money & Too Few Goods

5/26  Mid-East oil producers to cut prices as extreme backwardation eases – OP
5/26  Overdue reality check for Fed and markets has barely begun – Financial Times
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5/25  U.S. natural gas prices hit $9 for the first time since 2008 – Oil Price

War and Civil Unrest

5/26  Putin authorizes Russian citizenship for occupied Ukrainian territories – ZH
5/26  Ukraine to get more armored personnel carriers from Lithuania – Defense Blog
5/26  Russian troops plunge through Ukraine lines in Donbas – Military Times
5/26  Poland requests six additional patriot batteries from US – Defense News
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Cyberwar, Cyberterrorism and Cybercrime

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Politics, Authoritarianism and Censorship

5/26  Report shows FBI spied on 3.3 million Americans without warrant – Epoch Times
5/26  UAE Minister: Serious crime in metaverse should be outlawed by U.N. – CNBC
5/26  Davos reveals building blocks for “green” social credit system – OffGuardian
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Covid Craziness and Now a Pox Upon Us

5/26  The NHS just edited their monkeypox page … to make it scarier – OffGuardian
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Self-Reliance, Health and Prepping for Survival

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The Art of Collapse

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Weird-and-Wacky or Off-Topic News

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