How a Complete Lock Up of The System Will Occur

(Gregory Mannarino) Why is the world awash in never ending and inflating debt? Moreover, why does global debt keep expanding relentlessly every day, every month, and every year, in what seems like some kind of twisted mass insanity?

What is THE REAL TRUTH behind all this?

The answer is simple, and frightening. The expansion of debt cannot ever stop! Additionally, it must constantly and ceaselessly be expanded on EXPONENTIALLY.

What this means is that the amount of debt being borrowed into existence CANNOT EVEN REMAIN STATIC! It must be expanded on VASTLY every moment, every day, every week, every month, and every year, just to allow the system itself to function day to day. If the amount of debt being borrowed into existence were to remain at its current level, without being expanded on, the entire system would FREEZE UP in an instant.

The insanity of all this actually gets even worse.

Despite the FACT that global debt is continually expanding, there is not enough of it.

As most people who follow my work are already aware, the current central bank run global financial system is debt based, and at its core what this means is every conceivable reason, including things which the average person could not even dream of, must and will be utilized to continually find reasons/create more reasons to borrow more cash into existence. As of late the two biggest machinations being forced upon the people of the world and are currently being used as mechanisms to pull EPIC sums into the now by more borrowing are:

1. Global disease processes like Covid and the various variants thereof, also

2. Expanding war(s).

It’s this crisis-to-crisis economic model which has given world leaders a blank check, spending which is not allowed to even be questioned! As they have turned this upside down on the people of the world as ANYONE who now dares question as to why all this crisis-to-crisis spending is being done is then branded as being “unpatriotic!” Or a person who does not care about “helping” people.  

NOT ONE mainstream media source will EVER be allowed to explain the truth behind the crisis-to-crisis borrowing debt expansion mechanism, nor will a single world leader, OR a central banker explain it.

Will it ever end?

YES! The system, despite ever expanding debt, will eventually become illiquid.

A lack of liquidity in the system, despite finding ever more reasons to borrow, will eventually reach a saturation point. This saturation point will, and is already, manifesting itself in the form of skyrocketing inflation worldwide.

The inevitable end of the current debt-based system is rapidly approaching, and a move to yet another central bank run system is coming. A system of extreme control, a cashless system, where every single transaction is tracked down to the ten thousandth of a cent.

Source: by Gregory Mannarino | Traders Choice


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