FedNow Service To Launch In July – GOODBYE FREEDOM

The FedNow Service is launching in July and will be the backbone for a CBDC which will soon follow.

The FedNow Service is a way for people and businesses to bank directly with the FED and to be able to send instant payments. The FedNow Service 2023 is what would be required for a CBDC to work effectively. If you want to know about the new FedNow 2023 and the potential for a FedNow CBDC then this is the video for you. In order for the government to launch a CBDC they first need people to be banking with the FED. The FedNow Service in itself is not a CBDC, but rather the first step in launching one. A CBDC will strip away our freedoms and if you are worried about this, consider transferring wealth outside of the current system and into gold and silver. Protect yourself.

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