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Realtor Steps Outside For Cigarette, Lights House On Fire


Losing a listing can be a huge hit to a realtor’s psyche, reputation, and pocket book. It is common for a seller to switch real estate agents if their house does not sell in the time frame of the listing agreement. Sometimes the realtor does a poor job at marketing the property and other times the house is just overpriced. Neither situation was the case for Jason Bruce, a 34-year-old real estate salesman in Cincinnati. During a general inspection, Jason stepped out to the backyard to have a cigarette. “I only smoke when I’m drinking or if I’m stressed,” Jason claimed. “I had a showing across town and the inspector was taking forever. I thought I might have to push back my appointment, so I decided to rip a heater.”

According to the Cincinnati Fire Department, Jason flicked his cigarette into some native foliage that flowed into the wooden deck out back. After his smoke, Jason went upstairs and ended up having a lengthy conversation about the air conditioning unit with the inspector. “I had no idea what the hell he was even talking about. He went on for like an hour about the dirty filter or some sh** and before I knew it the den was in flames,” said Jason. The pair immediately called the fire department, but it was too late. The house burnt to the ground in less than two hours as the firemen managed to save the guest house. Nobody was injured. The seller has remained silent, but is taking legal action on Jason, who blamed the incident on the inspector. It is safe to say that Jason will not be getting an extension on the listing agreement. 

Source: Broke Agent