Did President Trump Just Nationalize The Federal Reserve Bank?


***Neither, just another hopium psyop***

Tucked in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill passed by Congress is a curious provision that essentially outlines how the Treasury and the Federal Reserve will merge into one organization. Is this President Trump’s way of taking back America’s monetary sovereignty, or is it a smokescreen that expands the Fed’s power?


Source: by Greg Reese | InfoWars

2 thoughts on “Did President Trump Just Nationalize The Federal Reserve Bank?

  1. Charles Michael McCullough

    At least in theory. The greenback should have continued to circulate free of charge, but there was a lot of skulduggery going on between the Legislature and the bankers. In reality, bonds were created to “back” the various greenbacks issues. And these bonds became a source of bank credit. They were sold to bankers at discount and at 6% interest in gold! In the end, this had the effect of making the issues of greenbacks a forced loan from the people to the government, saddling them with costs that should have been totally bypassed by the issue of greenbacks. The bond purchasers not only insisted on deep discounts to purchase the bonds, but gold interest to boot – and before the maturity of the bonds approached, and the Resumption Act was passed (1873, and effective in 1879), they finally received gold, in payment of the principle!

    So, while the greenback served its purpose in paying the troops, suppliers, and government contractors during the heated years of the Civil War, bankers profited from them in the end at the expense of the people! The people were ripped off royally and never realized it. But this had not been the original intention – the banks simply got their way.


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