America Resists Potential Residential Foreclosure Wave Under COVID Thus Far

Mortgage Delinquencies Fall To 7.65% While Mortgage Foreclosures Decline To 0.59% (Covid /= Disaster For Mortgage Markets)

(Anthony B. Sanders) ‘Covid-19 has been a disaster TEMPORARILY for the US economy, but the US economy is resilient.’ According to the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow real time GDP is now at 3.514%, higher than GDP before the Covid outbreak.

While the US mortgage market saw a rapid increase in mortgage delinquencies thanks to Covid, it did not materialize into a foreclosure wave as did during the financial crisis.

The reason why? Forbearance. And loans in forbearance has been gradually declining.

So unless states and cities continue their Covid lock downs, we should see a normalization in mortgage delinquencies.

Source: by Anthony B. Sanders | Confounded Interest