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The 5000 Sq Ft Cold War Bunker Underneath a Modest, Suburban House in Las Vegas


26 feet underneath this modest, 2 story suburban home in Las Vegas you will find a sprawling, 5,000 square foot home—complete with four-hole putting green, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna—and designed to withstand a nuclear blast.

The bunker home at 3970 Spencer Street was built in the 1970s by businessman Girard ‘Jerry’ B. Henderson, who fearing attack from the Soviets, built his first underground bunker in the 1960s in Boulder, Colorado during the height of the Cold War.

The only signs of something amiss on the surface of this underground retreat were the ‘unusual’ amount of ground-mounted air conditioning units that were camouflaged by clusters of rocks and boulders…









According to VegasInc.com, the house had been purchased for $2 million in 2005 and was foreclosed by Seaway Bank and Trust Co. in 2012.

The bank listed the property for $1.7 million in 2013, eventually selling the property in March 2014 to a mysterious group called the Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species for $1.15 million. [source]








The two-bedroom, three-bathroom underground home might be the most peculiar in Las Vegas. Built beneath a typical, suburban two-story house, the bunker home spans more than 5,000 square feet and is part of a 15,200-square-foot basement that also features a casita.

The subterranean refuge seems designed to stave off boredom and claustrophobia. It has a four-hole putting green, a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, a dance floor with a small stage, a bar, a barbecue and huge murals of rural, tranquil settings.

The home, with unchanged “Brady Bunch” decor, also has a laundry room, a kitchen, a fireplace, a generator, fake trees, fake flowers, two elevators, fire alarm bells, smoke detectors, an intercom system and several large pantries.

Light switches labeled “Sunset,” “Day,” “Dusk” and “Night” mimic lighting conditions at those times by dimming or brightening lights and stars on the ceiling, which is painted sky blue with white clouds.

A few miles east of the Strip, the home was built in the 1970s by entrepreneur Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson, who feared a nuclear Armageddon during the Cold War. While others built fallout shelters, he wanted to live underground full time, according to news reports.

Henderson co-founded Underground World Home Corp., a subterranean home building company. A brochure for the company boasts that underground living is healthier, cleaner, quieter, cheaper, safer and is “the ultimate in true privacy!”

“How would you like sunshine every day … when you want it?” the brochure asks.


Source: Twisted Sifter