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Lab-Grown ‘Clean’ Meat Could Be On Your Table By 2019

Food for thought…

Production of meat and seafood around the world will double to 1.2 trillion pounds by 2050. Our planet cannot afford to supply the water, fuel, pesticides, and fertilizer that industrialized animal production requires. It can’t afford the polluted water or the biodiversity loss. It can’t afford the moral inconsistencies. And they think it’s unlikely that people will consistently choose plant-based alternatives over chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. The world needs a solution to these realities. With plants providing nutrients for animal cells to grow, they believe they can produce clean meat and seafood that is over 10x more efficient than conventional meat production. All this without confining or slaughtering a single animal and with a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions and water use. Their approach will claim to be transparent and unquestionably safe, free of antibiotics and have a much lower risk of food borne illness. The right choice will be obvious.