Watch Food Delivery Robot Sidestep Homeless Man In Los Angeles

White privilege? A person of pallor is so low on the totem pole of L.A. streets that even a food delivery robot avoids him.

The Postmate Serve rover sidesteps the surprised bearded man, reclining against a wall, as it cruises on its way to a customer delivery. This bleak encounter is a sneak peek of the dystopia ahead in crumbling Blue State cities, managed by Democrats to the point. Intentional or not, they are wiping out the lower middle class and the number of homeless are soaring.

A few choice comments from the digital peanut gallery at TikTok, where the video posted days ago.

“This is the future, and it’s looking pretty bleak,” said glassfox.

“This is so dystopian,” Kendall Tichner said.

Another person said, “when are people going to realize they are replacing people’s jobs with robots this is the start.”

Note that California is, again, leading the way down. Nothing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s freebie billions to the newly created poor and a sprinkle of universal basic income won’t take care of, the sages of Sacramento will conclude.

Source: Press California

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