Food Producer Warns Major Food Shortages Are Imminent

Below are four short news clips outlining a global problem that has been building for a year and a half. Take some time to put back extra frozen, dry and canned foods this week.

Persistent inflation poses a real threat to stock prices
Mortgage demand drops over 6% after interest rates move even higher 
U.S. mortgage rates surge to 6-month high
China export curbs on fertilizer could worsen global food price shock
Diapers to yogurt, firms face higher costs amid supply-chain woes 
Double-digit price hikes on China exports add to inflation risk 
Holiday shopping 2021: record out of stocks, shipping delays ahead 
Retailers, manufacturers over-ordering amid supply chain crisis
Alaska snow crab harvest cut by 88% after population crash

Proof that the CDC is lying to the world about covid vaccine safety 
Vaxxer regime has a real problem denying natural immunity 
Why fully vaccinated older people are at high risk for severe covid-19 
Immune system functions dropping around 5% weekly for vaccinated