Ravaged Consumers Push Back On Biden-Pelosi-McConnell Inflation

Target down 25% TODAY. Walmart down 14% between YESTERDAY and TODAY, represents the single largest drops for these companies since the market crash of 1987.

Working class Americans have never been hammered this hard by government fiscal policy.

“2nd CIVIL WAR… The Republicrats, the globalists are raging an ALL OUT WAR against us… They’ve stolen elections, weaponized law enforcement, opened our borders to invasion, flown in unvetted terrorists, unleashed bioweapons, stole trillions of tax dollars, locked us down, masked us, infringed on our rights, disrupted supply chains to cause food shortages, aborting and grooming our children, and now trying to launch digital currency / ID to steal our private wealth and enslave us… “

-Steve Cortes