Steve Cortes Explains The Economic Crisis Coming To China: ‘2008 Will Seem Tame’

The CCP is losing legitimacy with the Chinese people.

The Economy and Markets

8/01  Weak manufacturing plunge in orders, production & jobs – Zero Hedge
8/01  Rising inflation larger threat than potential recession – CNBC
8/01  Longest stretch of non-growth in US money supply since 2009 – Market Sanity
8/01  Revenge of Old World Economy as Big Oil’s Cash Flow Rivals Tech – Bloomberg
8/01  Meta plunges behind visa in 10 months, $647 billion vanish – Wolf Street
8/01  10-year treasury yield falls after GDP shows negative growth – CNBC
7/31  Bank of A: “We hope conditions for Americans will worsen” – The Intercept
7/30  Biden’s America: too broke to bet? – Zero Hedge
7/30  Russia’s 2022 inflation seen at 13.4%, more rate cuts to come – Kitco
7/30  Stagflation Nation: America’s high inflation – Axios
7/30  Column: u.s. gas prices climb as stocks fail to rebuild fast enough – Reuters
7/30  Argentina ‘superministry’ launch lifts bonds, but uncertainty lingers – Kitco
7/29  Wikipedia (suddenly) changes definition of recession… – Citizen Free Press
7/29  How to prepare for the recession – Epoch Times
7/29  Bankruptcy: Will regulators cracked down on Crypto? – Wolf Street
7/29  Fed Inflation figure hits highest level since January 1982 – CNBC
7/29  Trump outlines economic proposals to ‘Bring America Back’ – Epoch Times
7/28  Oil firms reap ‘obscene’ profits as desperate families seek support – Yahoo!
7/28  China signals no big stimulus is coming, while covid controls remain – CNBC
7/28  The high yield (junk) bond market is freezing up – Market Sanity
7/28  Democrats’ $739 billion inflation-fighting package – Yahoo Finance
7/28  GDP q2: economic growth fell 0.9%, sending strong recession signal – CNBC
7/28  Videos: Biden Energy secretary “obsessed” with green transition – Summit News
7/28  Bob moriarty: welcome to the 4th turning crisis stage – Market Sanity
7/28  GDP sunk from private investment, government spending drops – Wolf Street
7/27  US consumer confidence lowest since 2008 – Conference Board
7/27  Corporate America embraces short-term ious as free money ends – Yahoo Finance
7/27  IMF warns the ‘world may soon be on the edge of a global recession’ – Kitco
7/27  GM’s profits take $1 billion nosedive amid Biden EV push – Daily Caller

Real Estate Bubble

7/31  Climbing rates, halt in refinancing blamed for mortgage ind. – Epoch Times
7/28  Mortgage demand declines further, even as interest rates drop a bit – CNBC
7/28  Pending home sales fell 20% in june as mortgage rates soared – CNBC
7/26  China’s mortgage boycott will have a small impact on banks: analyst – CNBC
7/26  Bank of canada rate hikes to sting many home equity borrowers – Reuters
7/26  New home sales & prices plunged in June – Zero Hedge
7/26  U.S. housing cooldown is recession red flag for markets | reuters – Reuters

Precious Metals and Mining Stocks

8/01  Gold pushes higher to break a decent resistance zone – Kitco
7/31  Column: china’s exports smooth aluminium supply-chain disruption – Reuters
7/31  Silver surges 7.45%, Gold gains 2.07% – Kitco
7/30  Uranium firm UEX receives acquisition proposal from Denison mines – Kitco
7/28  Gold to be the standout metal for the rest of 2022 – Kitco
7/28  Why do drug runners keep getting caught with uranium? – Organic Prepper
7/27  LBMA silver inventories fall to near 6 year low below 1B ounces – BullionStar
7/27  Rio tinto slashes dividend as profits take a hit; shares tumble – Reuters
7/27  Copper price rises on supply risks and softening dollar –
7/27  Two simple charts show why green energy is all about mining –
7/27  Why Austria’s monetary gold transfer to Switzerland is delayed – Zero Hedge
7/27  First time in 20 yrs, 1 Dollar = 1 Euro. What this means for gold? – USAFunds
7/27  Chinese gold production is on the up – Kitco

Monetary Madness, Cryptos & Currency Wars

8/01  Halting the sec’s regulatory attack on crypto – Zero Hedge
7/31  Israel’s war on cash is about to get more drastic – Zero Hedge
7/31  The Crypto Collapse Has Flooded the Market With Rolex and Patek – Bloomberg
7/31  End of easy money in crypto: 20% returns over in cefi, defi lives on – CNBC
7/27  Morning wood: ark is dumping its coinbase | zerohedge – Zero Hedge
7/26  Crypto exchange coinbase faces sec probe over securities – Reuters
7/26  Dollar near recent peaks as fed looms, growth fears weigh – CNBC

Sanctions, Shortages & Supply Shocks

7/31  Family of six moves into toolshed to escape inflation storm – Zero Hedge
7/29  Germans taking fewer showers in response to cost crisis – Summit News
7/28  World economic forum is coming for your car – Market Sanity
7/27  Ranchers selling cattle in unprecedented numbers due to drought – Zero Hedge
7/27  Oil swings as us crude stockpiles shrink ahead of fed decision – Bloomberg
7/27  European gas soars as Russia cuts gas flows to 20% of capacity – Zero Hedge
7/27  Europe energy prices keep soaring as russia tightens supply – Bloomberg
7/27  Putin’s new gas squeeze condemns Europe to recession – CNBC
7/25  Trudeau sets fertilizer reduction targets for Canadian farmers – Post Millennial
7/25  Talking Points on the dangerous Executive Order No One is Talking About – Alex Epstein

FED-up & Underfed: Inflation from Too Much Money & Too Few Goods

7/29  US Fed: battle against excess global captial continues – Technical Traders
7/29  CB: Russians held around $14B in U.S. securities at end-march – Reuters
7/29  Fed’s aggressive rate-hike bolstered by new inflation, wage data – Reuters
7/28  Powell puts 75-basis-point hike on table for September – Wolf Street
7/27  Fed hikes 75bps: what happens next has wall street split – Zero Hedge

War and Civil Unrest

8/01  Nancy Pelosi may use submarine to enter Taiwan. – Eurasian Times
8/01  China releases ‘war video’ as Pelosi touches down… – Citizen Free Press
8/01  Privacy commissioner investigating Trudeau’s ArriveCan app – True North News
8/01  Veteran prosecutor abruptly quits: ‘zero confidence’ – CWB Chicago
7/31  Chinese Planes Patrol Taiwan Straight – Twitter
7/31  China holds live fire navy drills in Taiwan strait… – Citizen Free Press
7/30  US to deploy fighter jets, warships to defend Nancy Pelosi – Eurasian Times
7/30  Viral in china! PLA’s post on ‘preparing for war’ – Eurasian Times
7/30  China’s PLA posts “get ready for war!” over US Taiwan – Euro Weekly News
7/29  US Intel tells lawmakers Russian casualties surpass 75,000 – Zero Hedge
7/29  Russian national charged with conspiring – DOJ
7/28  Biden doubles down on failed drug war, plots to outlaw nicotine – Zero Hedge
7/28  US carrier group heads towards taiwan ahead of Pelosi trip – Zero Hedge
7/28  Chinese PLA Navy sharpens anti-sub warfare against US Subs – Eurasian Times
7/28  Arm Ukraine: the UK, Texas, Italy, and Japan need you – Zero Hedge
7/28  Russia threatens to seize more territory, Kiev open ports – Eurasian Times
7/27  Why US navy remains highly susceptible to cyber attacks – Eurasian Times

Politics, Authoritarianism and Censorship

7/31  Congress on “high alert” amid security threats – Axios
7/30  Dems trying to sneak thru ‘assault weapons ban’… – Citizen Free Press
7/30  Former obama white house aide seth andrew sentenced for school theft – CNBC
7/30  House passes assault weapons ban – Axios
7/29  Whistleblowers: FBI manipulating ‘domestic terrorism’ – Zero Hedge
7/26  WEF calls for an End to Private Car Ownership – The Counter Signal
7/25  Jaron Lanier and The Truth About Social Media – Triggernometry

Covid Craziness and Now a Pox Upon Us

7/30  New York declares state disaster emergency over Monkeypox – NBC News
7/29  Biden admin to unveil reformulated booster shots in september – Zero Hedge
7/29  U.S. secures 171 million omicron covid shots ahead of fall – CNBC
7/29  NEJM study: vaxxed & boosted individuals remain contagious longer – SHTF Plan
7/28  Wuhan: One million residents of covid origin city back in lockdown – MSN
7/28  China signals no big stimulus is coming, while covid controls remain – CNBC
7/28  COVID study: millions suffer smell, taste problems long-term – Axios
7/28  Pfizer (pfe) earnings q2 2022 – CNBC
7/26  Top athlete out with blood clot… – citizen free press – Citizen Free
7/26  Dr. Birx: ‘Knew’ vaccines wouldn’t ‘protect against infection’ – Fox News
7/26  All Vaxxed: 33 dead & sick friends since our wedding 8 months ago. – Creators
7/26  Dr. Birx & Trump: ‘respectful in public but very clear in private’ – ABC News
7/26  Journalists again demand to know why Biden’s doctor is hiding – Summit News

Self-Reliance, Health and Prepping for Survival

8/01  Pat Cascio: Ruger security 9 endurance test. A great EDC gun. – Survival Blog
8/01  4 drought survival tips for the current crisis – Jason Hanson
8/01  “Bugging in” isn’t about killing roaches – EJ Snyder
7/28  DIY cold storage and frugal root cellar ideas – Little House
7/28  Book Review: Economic Impact of Homeschooling – Rural Revolution
7/28  Expedient reloading, a primer reloading compound – Survival Blog
7/28  China rocket’s space debris will crash into earth – Interesting Eng.
7/27  Foraging for an omelette – Bushcraft
7/27  Financial Preparedness: lessons from russia’s economy – Jason Hanson
7/27  THE 5 Ds of home defense – EJ Snyder

The Art of Collapse

8/01  MonkeyPox: Disgusting sex health recommendations – San Francisco Aids Foundation
8/01  Zelensky to be immortalized as ‘heroic’ action figure – Post Millenial
7/31  No farmers, No food, No life – Zero Hedge
7/30  Zelensky: from war-torn leader to high fashion model – Armstrong Economics
7/28  John Cleese blasts wokeness as the ‘death of creativity’ – Summit News
7/28  Academy of breastfeeding medicine: Use term ‘Father’s milk’ – Summit News
7/28  Biden does not look healthy… – Citizen
7/28  Ex-cops Kueng, Thao sentenced for violating Floyd’s rights – AP News
7/27  Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study – CTV News
7/27  Yellen: we’re not in a ‘recession,’ we’re in a ‘transition in which growth is slowing’ – Daily Wire
7/27  Napping regularly linked to high blood pressure and stroke, study finds – CTV News
7/27  Writer told she’s ‘not truly black’ after saying she’s not opressed – Daily Mail

Weird-and-Wacky or Off-Topic News

8/01  Star Trek pioneering actress dies. Rest in peace, Uhura – Rural Revolution
8/01  Just Bruce Lee kicking ass – Twitter
7/30  Britain’s working-class white boys have become oppressed minority – DailyMail
7/30  Dave Ramsey suffers heart attack from family’s Doordash expense – Babylon Bee