Real Estate Just Did It

Home prices cool at a record pace as real estate sales grind down further every week across America. While some people are still wondering when real estate prices will go down, I am here to explain how the housing crash has already begun!

Referenced In The Video: Home prices cooled at a record pace in June, according to housing data firm

Real Estate Bubble

8/02  China’s economy down from loss of confidence in property sector – CNBC
7/31  Climbing rates, halt in refinancing blamed for mortgage ind. – Epoch Times
7/28  Mortgage demand declines further, even as interest rates drop a bit – CNBC
7/28  Pending home sales fell 20% in june as mortgage rates soared – CNBC
7/26  China’s mortgage boycott will have a small impact on banks: analyst – CNBC
7/26  Bank of canada rate hikes to sting many home equity borrowers – Reuters
7/26  New home sales & prices plunged in June – Zero Hedge
7/26  U.S. housing cooldown is recession red flag for markets | reuters – Reuters

The Economy and Markets

8/03  Massive churn: Layoffs, discharges, quits, job openings… – Wolf Street
8/03  Household debt tops $16 trillion as inflation surges and rates rise – CNBC
8/03  US national debt to surpass 185% of GDP – Armstrong Economics
8/03  4.2 million people quit in june despite recession worries – CNBC
8/02  VIDEO: Options trader – Tip of the week – Technical Traders
8/02  Should us be worried about a new reserve currency? – Epoch Times
8/02  Lying about the economy will only make the coming crash worse – Zero Hedge
8/02  Trump outlines proposals to ‘bring America back from the brink’ – Epoch Times
8/01  Weak manufacturing plunge in orders, production & jobs – Zero Hedge
8/01  Rising inflation larger threat than potential recession – CNBC
8/01  Longest stretch of non-growth in US money supply since 2009 – Market Sanity
8/01  Revenge of Old World Economy as Big Oil’s Cash Flow Rivals Tech – Bloomberg
8/01  Meta plunges behind visa in 10 months, $647 billion vanish – Wolf Street
8/01  10-year treasury yield falls after GDP shows negative growth – CNBC
7/31  Bank of A: “We hope conditions for Americans will worsen” – The Intercept
7/30  Biden’s America: too broke to bet? – Zero Hedge
7/30  Russia’s 2022 inflation seen at 13.4%, more rate cuts to come – Kitco
7/30  Stagflation Nation: America’s high inflation – Axios
7/30  Column: u.s. gas prices climb as stocks fail to rebuild fast enough – Reuters
7/30  Argentina ‘superministry’ launch lifts bonds, but uncertainty lingers – Kitco
7/29  Wikipedia (suddenly) changes definition of recession… – Citizen Free Press
7/29  How to prepare for the recession – Epoch Times
7/29  Bankruptcy: Will regulators cracked down on Crypto? – Wolf Street
7/29  Fed Inflation figure hits highest level since January 1982 – CNBC
7/29  Trump outlines economic proposals to ‘Bring America Back’ – Epoch Times
7/28  Oil firms reap ‘obscene’ profits as desperate families seek support – Yahoo!
7/28  China signals no big stimulus is coming, while covid controls remain – CNBC
7/28  The high yield (junk) bond market is freezing up – Market Sanity
7/28  Democrats’ $739 billion inflation-fighting package – Yahoo Finance
7/28  GDP q2: economic growth fell 0.9%, sending strong recession signal – CNBC
7/28  Videos: Biden Energy secretary “obsessed” with green transition – Summit News
7/28  Bob moriarty: welcome to the 4th turning crisis stage – Market Sanity
7/28  GDP sunk from private investment, government spending drops – Wolf Street

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