Global Liquidity Crisis + Recession + Unrest = Conditions Worse Than 2008 For 2023

(Adam Taggart) The global economy is stumbling. And not just for financial reasons like the increasing cost of debt.

Supply chains remain compromised. We are still having material challenges in both producing and distributing real physical goods across oceans and continents. This is such a serious threat to global prosperity that best-selling author James Rickards has made it the focus of his new book: SOLD OUT!: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation, and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy. 


The Economy and Markets

11/04  Billionaire investor sam zell: a liquidity crisis is coming – MS
11/04  The Fed is asking for a market crash – QTR
11/04  Pitching pennies for dollars – 321Gold
11/04  Investors pile into cash at fastest rate since covid crisis-BofA – Reuters
11/04  Labor costs show slower rise, trade deficit widens – CNBC
11/04  The Fed has a hammer, and you are a nail – ZH
11/03  China property bonds are ‘no longer analyzable’ as crisis grows – Yahoo!
11/03  Social security increases could cause an inflationary death spiral – IM
11/03  Fed hikes 75 BPS to 3.75-4.0%, pivots even more hawkish – Wolf Street

Real Estate Bubble

11/04  First-time homebuyers shut out of the market like never before – CNN
11/04  Mortgage Rates more than double in 10 months stresses flippers – MT
11/01  Homebuilders say steeper downturn is coming as buyers pull back – CNBC
11/01  Prices down nationally from year ago. Sydney -8.6% year-over-year – WS
10/31  Housing bubble pops, and the Fed can let it rip – WS
10/31  $35 million Philadelphia mansion sells for just $9.26 million – ZH
10/28  Is America on the verge of another housing collapse? – Zero Hedge
10/27  Housing Bubbles: Seattle (-3.9%), San Fran (-4.3%) & Denver – WS
10/27  Demand for new homes down 86% since last year – CNBC
10/26  Mortgage demand from homebuyers is nearly half what it was in 2021 – CNBC
10/25  Real Estate agents are feeling the burn – Zero Hedge
10/25  Mortgage bankers predict rates drop to 5.4% by 2024, at 7% now – Wolf Street
10/22  Housing Bubbles in Canada: prices plunge at fastest on record – Wolf Street
10/21  Multi-family buildings v. single-family houses construction – Wolf Street
10/21  “We’ll continue to see double-digit declines in home sales” – CNBC
10/21  Home sales plunge, prices drop 7% in 3 months – Wolf Street

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