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Rothschild Continues Movement Away From USD Capital Markets Exposure [video]

Jacob Rothschild has released a report detailing a huge change in assets switching significantly from US dollar capital markets to pounds and euros.  

In the report from Rothschild’s investment trust RITCAP he stated “We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk” and that we are in a time when “ economic growth is by no means assured”

This video gives a detailed outline of some of the ramifications of what this could have for the US and global economy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rothschild continued the shift away from US capital markets exposure announced one year ago, noting that “we have a particular interest in investments which will benefit from the impact of new technologies, and Far Eastern markets, influenced by the growing demand from Asian consumers.” What is surprising is how aggressively Rothschild has cut its allocation to US-denominated assets in just the past 6 months.


Not surprisingly, RIT’s investment portfolio continues do quite well, and has now returned over 2,200% since inception …

Below is a snapshot of where every hedge fund wants to end up: the Rothschild investment portfolio …



Finally, for all those wondering where the Rothschild family fortune is hiding, here is the answer …


Source: ZeroHedge