The Commodity Currency Revolution Begins

(Alasdiar Macleod) We will look back at current events and realize that they marked the change from a dollar-based global economy underwritten by financial assets to commodity-backed currencies. We face a change from collateral being purely financial in nature to becoming commodity based. It is collateral that underwrites the whole financial system.

The ending of the financially based system is being hastened by geopolitical developments. The West is desperately trying to sanction Russia into economic submission, but is only succeeding in driving up energy, commodity, and food prices against itself. Central banks will have no option but to inflate their currencies to pay for it all. Russia is linking the rouble to commodity prices through a moving gold peg instead, and China has already demonstrated an understanding of the West’s inflationary game by having stockpiled commodities and essential grains for the last two years and allowed her currency to rise against the dollar.

China and Russia are not going down the path of the West’s inflating currencies. Instead, they are moving towards a sounder money strategy with the prospect of stable interest rates and prices while the West accelerates in the opposite direction.

The Credit Suisse analyst, Zoltan Pozsar, calls it Bretton Woods III. This article looks at how it is likely to play out, concluding that the dollar and Western currencies, not the rouble, will have the greatest difficulty dealing with the end of fifty years of economic financialisation.

Pure finance is being replaced with commodity finance

It hasn’t hit the main-stream media yet, which is still reporting yesterday’s battle. But in March, the US Administration passed a death sentence on its own hegemony in a last desperate throw of the dollar dice. Not only did it misread the Russian situation with respect to its economy, but America mistakenly believed in its own power by sanctioning Russia and Putin’s oligarchs.

It may have achieved a partial blockade on Russia’s export volumes, but compensation has come from higher unit prices, benefiting Russia, and costing the Western alliance.

The consequence is a final battle in the financial war which has been brewing for decades. You do not sanction the world’s most important source of energy exports and the marginal supplier of a wide range of commodities and raw materials, including grains and fertilisers, without damaging everyone but the intended target. Worse still, the intended target has in China an extremely powerful friend, with which Russia is a partner in the world’s largest economic bloc — the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation — commanding a developing market of over 40% of the world’s population. That is the future, not the past: the past is Western wokery, punitive taxation, economies dominated by the state and its bureaucracy, anti-capitalistic socialism, and magic money trees to help pay for it all.

Despite this enormous hole in the sanctions net, the West has given itself no political option but to attempt to tighten sanctions even more. But Russia’s response is devastating for the western financial system. In two simple announcements, tying the rouble to gold for domestic credit institutions and insisting that payments for energy will only be accepted in roubles, it is calling an end to the fiat dollar era that has ruled the world from the suspension of Bretton Woods in 1971 to today.

Just over five decades ago, the dollar took over the role for itself as the global reserve asset from gold. After the seventies, which was a decade of currency, interest rate, and financial asset volatility, we all settled down into a world of increasing financialisation. London’s big bang in the early 1980s paved the way for regulated derivatives and the 1990s saw the rise of hedge funds and dotcoms. That was followed by an explosion in over-the-counter unregulated derivatives into the hundreds of trillions and securitisations which hit the speed-bump of the Lehman failure. Since then, the expansion of global credit for purely financial activities has been remarkable creating a financial asset bubble to rival anything seen in the history of financial excesses. And together with statistical suppression of the effect on consumer prices the switch of economic resources from Main Street to Wall Street has hidden the inflationary evidence of credit expansion from the public’s gaze.

All that is coming to an end with a new commoditisation — what respected flows analyst Zoltan Pozsar at Credit Suisse calls Bretton Woods III. In his enumeration the first was suspended by President Nixon in 1971, and the second ran from then until now when the dollar has ruled indisputably. That brings us to Bretton Woods III.

Russia’s insistence that importers of its energy pay in roubles and not in dollars or euros is a significant development, a direct challenge to the dollar’s role. There are no options for Russia’s “unfriendlies”, Russia’s description for the alliance united against it. The EU, which is the largest importer of Russian natural gas, either bites the bullet or scrambles for insufficient alternatives. The option is to buy natural gas and oil at reasonable rouble prices or drive prices up in euros and still not get enough to keep their economies going and the citizens warm and mobile. Either way, it seems Russia wins, and one way the EU loses.

As to Pozsar’s belief that we are on the verge of Bretton Woods III, one can see the logic of his argument. The highly inflated financial bubble marks the end of an era, fifty years in the making. Negative interest rates in the EU and Japan are not just an anomaly, but the last throw of the dice for the yen and the euro. The ECB and the Bank of Japan have bond portfolios which have wiped out their equity, and then some. All Western central banks which have indulged in QE have the same problem. Contrastingly, the Russian central bank and the Peoples Bank of China have not conducted any QE and have clean balance sheets. Rising interest rates in Western currencies are made more certain and their height even greater by Russia’s aggressive response to Western sanctions. It hastens the bankruptcy of the entire Western banking system and by bursting the highly inflated financial bubble will leave little more than hollowed-out economies.

Putin has taken as his model the 1973 Nixon/Kissinger agreement with the Saudis to only accept US dollars in payment for oil, and to use its dominant role in OPEC to force other members to follow suit. As the World’s largest energy exporter Russia now says she will only accept roubles, repeating for the rouble the petrodollar strategy. And even Saudi Arabia is now bending with the wind and accepting China’s renminbi for its oil, calling symbolic time on the Nixon/Kissinger petrodollar agreement.

The West, by which we mean America, the EU, Britain, Japan, South Korea, and a few others have set themselves up to be the fall guys. That statement barely describes the strategic stupidity — an Ignoble Award is closer to the truth. By phasing out fossil fuels before they could be replaced entirely with green energy sources, an enormous shortfall in energy supplies has arisen. With an almost religious zeal, Germany has been cutting out nuclear generation. And even as recently as last month it still ruled out extending the lifespan of its nuclear facilities. The entire G7 membership were not only unprepared for Russia turning the tables on its members, but so far, they have yet to come up with an adequate response.

Russia has effectively commoditised its currency, particularly for energy, gold, and food. It is following China down a similar path. In doing so it has undermined the dollar’s hegemony, perhaps fatally. As the driving force behind currency values, commodities will be the collateral replacing financial assets. It is interesting to observe the strength in the Mexican peso against the dollar (up 9.7% since November 2021) and the Brazilian real (up 21% over a year) And even the South African rand has risen by 11% in the last five months. That these flaky currencies are rising tells us that resource backing for currencies has its attractions beyond the rouble and renminbi.

But having turned their backs on gold, the Americans and their Western epigones lack an adequate response. If anything, they are likely to continue the fight for dollar hegemony rather than accept reality. And the more America struggles to assert its authority, the greater the likelihood of a split in the Western partnership. Europe needs Russian energy desperately, and America does not. Europe cannot afford to support American policy unconditionally.

That, of course, is Russia’s bet.

Russia’s point of view

For the second time in eight years, Russia has seen its currency undermined by Western action over Ukraine. Having experienced it in 2014, this time the Russian central bank was better prepared. It had diversified out of dollars adding official gold reserves. The commercial banking system was overhauled, and the Governor of the RCB, Elvira Nabiullina, by following classical monetary policies instead of the Keynesianism of her Western contempories, has contained the fall-out from the war in Ukraine. As Figure 1 shows, the rouble halved against the dollar in a knee-jerk reaction before recovering to pre-war levels.

The link to commodities is gold, and the RCB announced that until end-June it stands ready to buy gold from Russian banks at 5,000 roubles per gramme. The stated purpose was to allow banks to lend against mine production, given that Russian-sourced gold is included in the sanctions. But the move has encouraged speculation that the rouble is going on a quasi- gold standard; never mind that a gold standard works the other way round with users of the currency able to exchange it for gold.

Besides being with silver the international legal definition of money (the rest being currency and credit), gold is a good proxy for commodities, as shown in Figure 2 below.[i] Priced in goldgrams, crude oil today is 30% below where it was in the 1950, long before Nixon suspended the Bretton Woods Agreement. Meanwhile, measured in depreciating fiat currencies the price has soared and been extremely volatile along the way.

It is a similar story for other commodity prices, whereby maximum stability is to be found in prices measured in goldgrams. Taking up Pozsar’s point about currencies being increasingly linked to commodities in Bretton Woods III, it appears that Russia intends to use gold as proxy for commodities to stabilise the rouble. Instead of a fixed gold exchange rate, the RCB has wisely left itself the option to periodically revise the price it will pay for gold after 1 July.

Table 1 shows how the RCB’s current fixed rouble gold exchange rate translates into US dollars.

While non-Russian credit institutions do not have access to the facility, it appears that there is nothing to stop a Russian bank buying gold in another centre, such as Dubai, to sell to the Russian central bank for roubles. All that is needed is for the dollar/rouble rate to be favourable for the arbitrage and the ability to settle in a non-sanctioned currency, such as renminbi, or to have access to Eurodollars which it can exchange for Euroroubles (see below) from a bank outside the “unfriendlies” jurisdictions.

The dollar/rouble rate can now easily be controlled by the RCB, because how demand for roubles in short supply is handled becomes a matter of policy. Gazprom’s payment arm (Gazprombank) is currently excused the West’s sanctions and EU gas and oil payments will be channelled through it.

Broadly, there are four ways in which a Western consumer can acquire roubles:

  • By buying roubles on the foreign exchanges.
  • By depositing euros, dollars, or sterling with Gazprombank and have them do the conversion as agents.
  • By Gazprombank increasing its balance sheet to provide credit, but collateral which is not sanctioned would be required.
  • By foreign banks creating rouble credits which can be paid to Gazprombank against delivery of energy supplies.

The last of these four is certainly possible, because that is the basis of Eurodollars, which circulate outside New York’s monetary system and have become central to international liquidity. To understand the creation of Eurodollars, and therefore the possibility of a developing Eurorouble market we must delve into the world of credit creation.

There are two ways in which foreigners can hold dollar balances. The way commonly understood is through the correspondent banking system. Your bank, say in Europe, will run deposit accounts with their correspondent banks in New York (JPMorgan, Citi etc.). So, if you make a deposit in dollars, the credit to your account will reconcile with the change in your bank’s correspondent account in New York.

Now let us assume that you approach your European bank for a dollar loan. If the loan is agreed, it appears as a dollar asset on your bank’s balance sheet, which through double-entry bookkeeping is matched by a dollar liability in favour of you, the borrower. It cannot be otherwise and is the basis of all bank credit creation. But note that in the creation of these balances the American banking system is not involved in any way, which is how and why Eurodollars circulate, being fungible with but separate in origin from dollars in the US.

By the same method, we could see the birth and rapid expansion of a Eurorouble market. All that’s required is for a bank to create a loan in roubles, matched under double-entry bookkeeping with a deposit which can be used for payments. It doesn’t matter which currency the bank runs its balance sheet in, only that it has balance sheet space, access to rouble liquidity and is a credible counterparty.

This suggests that Eurozone and Japanese banks can only have limited participation because they are already very highly leveraged. The banks best able to run Eurorouble balances are the Americans and Chinese because they have more conservative asset to equity ratios. Furthermore, the large Chinese banks are majority state-owned, and already have business and currency interests with Russia giving them a head start with respect to rouble liquidity.

We have noticed that the large American banks are not shy of dealing with the Chinese despite the politics, so presumably would like the opportunity to participate in Euroroubles. But only this week, the US Government prohibited them from paying holders of Russia’s sovereign debt more than $600 million. So, we should assume the US banks cannot participate which leaves the field open to the Chinese mega-banks. And any attempt to increase sanctions on Russia, perhaps by adding Gazprombank to the sanctioned list, achieves nothing, definitely cuts out American banks from the action, and enhances the financial integration between Russia and China. The gulf between commodity-backed currencies and yesteryear’s financial fiat simply widens.

For now, further sanctions are a matter for speculation. But Gazprombank with the assistance of the Russian central bank will have a key role in providing the international market for roubles with wholesale liquidity, at least until the market acquires depth in liquidity. In return, Gazprombank can act as a recycler of dollars and euros gained through trade surpluses without them entering the official reserves. Dollars, euros yen and sterling are the unfriendlies’ currencies, so the only retentions are likely to be renminbi and gold.

In this manner we might expect roubles, gold and commodities to tend to rise in tandem. We can see the process by which, as Zoltan Pozsar put it, Bretton Woods III, a global currency regime based on commodities, can take over from Bretton Woods II, which has been characterised by the financialisation of currencies. And it’s not just Russia and her roubles. It’s a direction of travel shared by China.

The economic effects of a strong currency backed by commodities defy monetary and economic beliefs prevalent in the West. But the consequences that flow from a stronger currency are desirable: falling interest rates, wealth remaining in the private sector and an escape route from the inevitable failure of Western currencies and their capital markets. The arguments in favour of decoupling from the dollar-dominated monetary system have suddenly become compelling.

The consequences for the West

Most Western commentary is gung-ho for further sanctions against Russia. Relatively few independent commentators have pointed out that by sanctioning Russia and freezing her foreign exchange reserves, America is destroying her own hegemony. The benefits of gold reserves have also been pointedly made to those that have them. Furthermore, central banks leaving their gold reserves vaulted at Western central banks exposes them to sanctions, should a nation fall foul of America. Doubtless, the issue is being discussed around the world and some requests for repatriation of bullion are bound to follow.

There is also the problem of gold leases and swaps, vital for providing liquidity in bullion markets, but leads to false counting of reserves. This is because under the IMF’s accounting procedures, leased and swapped gold balances are recorded as if they were still under a central bank’s ownership and control, despite bullion being transferred to another party in unallocated accounts.[ii]

No one knows the extent of swaps and leases, but it is likely to be significant, given the evidence of gold price interventions over the last fifty years. Countries which have been happy to earn fees and interest to cover storage costs and turn gold bullion storage into a profitable activity (measured in fiat) are at the margin now likely to not renew swap and lease agreements and demand reallocation of bullion into earmarked accounts, which would drain liquidity from bullion markets. A rising gold price will then be bound to ensue.

Ever since the suspension of Bretton Woods in 1971, the US Government has tried to suppress gold relative to the dollar, encouraging the growth of gold derivatives to absorb demand. That gold has moved from $35 to $1920 today demonstrates the futility of these policies. But emotionally at least, the US establishment is still virulently anti-gold.

As Figure 2 above clearly shows, the link between commodity prices and gold has endured through it all. It is this factor that completely escapes popular analysis with every commodity analyst assuming in their calculations a constant objective value for the dollar and other currencies, with price subjectivity confined to the commodity alone. The use of charts and other methods of forecasting commodity prices assume as an iron rule that price changes in transactions come only from fluctuations in commodity values.

The truth behind prices measured in unbacked currencies is demonstrated by the cost of oil priced in gold having declined about 30% since the 1960s. That is reasonable given new extraction technologies and is consistent with prices tending to ease over time under a gold standard. It is only in fiat currencies that prices have soared. Clearly, gold is considerably more objective for transaction purposes than fiat currencies, which are definitely not.

Therefore, if, as the chart in the tweet below suggests, the dollar price of oil doubles from here, it will only be because at the margin people prefer oil to dollars — not because they want oil beyond their immediate needs, but because they want dollars less.

China recognised these dynamics following the Fed’s monetary policies of March 2020, when it reduced its funds rate to the zero bound and instituted QE at $120bn every month. The signal concerning the dollar’s future debasement was clear, and China began to stockpile oil, commodities, and food — just to get rid of dollars. This contributed to the rise in dollar commodity prices, which commenced from that moment, despite falling demand due to covid and supply chain problems. The effect of dollar debasement is reflected in Figure 3, which is of a popular commodity tracking ETF.

A better understanding would be to regard the increase in the value of this commodity basket not as a near doubling since March 2020, but as a near halving of the dollar’s purchasing power with respect to it.

Furthermore, the Chinese have been prescient enough to accumulate stocks of grains. The result is that 20% of the world’s population has access to 70% of the word’s maize stocks, 60% of rice, 50% of wheat and 35% of soybeans. The other 80% of the world’s population will almost certainly face acute shortages this year as exports of grain and fertiliser from Ukraine/Russia effectively cease.

China’s actions show that she has to a degree already tied her currency to commodities, recognising the dollar would lose purchasing power. And this is partially reflected in the yuan’s exchange rate against the US dollar, which since May 2020 has gained over 11%.

Implications for the dollar, euro and yen

In this article the close relationship between gold, oil, and wider commodities has been shown. It appears that Russia has found a way of tying her currency not to the dollar, but to commodities through gold, and that China has effectively been doing the same thing for two years without the gold link. The logic is to escape the consequences of currency and credit expansion for the dollar and other Western currencies as their purchasing power is undermined. And the use of a gold peg is an interesting development in this context.

We should bear in mind that according to the US Treasury TIC system foreigners own $33.24 trillion of financial securities and short-term assets including bank deposits. That is in addition to a few trillion, perhaps, in Eurodollars not recorded in the TIC statistics. These funds are only there in such quantities because of the financialisation of Western currencies, a situation we now expect to end. A change in the world’s currency order towards Pozsar’s Bretton Woods III can be expected to a substantial impact on these funds.

To prevent foreign selling of the $6.97 trillion of short-term securities and cash, interest rates would have to be raised not just to tackle rising consumer prices (a Keynesian misunderstanding about the economic role of interest rates, disproved by Gibson’s paradox[iii]) but to protect the currency on the foreign exchanges, particularly relative to the rouble and the yuan. Unfortunately, sufficiently high interest rates to encourage short-term money and deposits to stay would destabilise the values of the foreign owned $26.27 trillion in long-term securities — bonds and equities.

As the manager of US dollar interest rates, the dilemma for the Fed is made more acute by sanctions against Russia exposing the weakness of the dollar’s position. The fall in its purchasing power is magnified by soaring dollar prices for commodities, and the rise in consumer prices will be greater and sooner as a result. It is becoming possible to argue convincingly that interest rates for one-year dollar deposits should soon be in double figures, rather than the three per cent or so argued by monetary policy hawks. Whatever the numbers turn out to be, the consequences are bound to be catastrophic for financial assets and for the future of financially oriented currencies where financial assets are the principal form of collateral.

It appears that Bretton Woods II is indeed over. That being the case, America will find it virtually impossible to retain the international capital flows which have allowed it to finance the twin deficits — the budget and trade gaps. And as securities’ values fall with rising interest rates, unless the US Government takes a very sharp knife to its spending at a time of stagnating or falling economic activity, the Fed will have to step up with enhanced QE.

The excuse that QE stimulates the economy will have been worn out and exposed for what it is: the debasement of the currency as a means of hidden taxation. And the foreign capital that manages to escape from a dollar crisis is likely to seek a home elsewhere. But the other two major currencies in the dollar’s camp, the euro and yen, start from an even worse position. These are shown in Figure 4. With their purchasing power visibly collapsing the ECB and the Bank of Japan still have negative interest rates, seemingly trapped under the zero bound. Policy makers find themselves torn between the Scylla of consumer price inflation and the Charybdis of declining economic activity. A further problem is that these central banks have become substantial investors in government and other bonds (the BOJ even has equity ETFs on board) and rising bond yields are playing havoc with their balance sheets, wiping out their equity requiring a systemic recapitalisation.

Not only are the ECB and BOJ technically bankrupt without massive capital injections, but their commercial banking networks are hugely over leveraged with their global systemically important banks — their G-SIBs — having assets relative to equity averaging over twenty times. And unlike the Brazilian real, the Mexican peso and even the South African rand, the yen and the euro are sliding against the dollar.

The response from the BOJ is one of desperately hanging on to current policies. It is rigging the market by capping the yield on the 10-year JGB at 0.25%, which is where it is now.

These currency developments are indicative of great upheavals and an approaching crisis. Financial bubbles are undoubtedly about to burst sinking fiat financial values and all that sail with them. Government bonds will be yesterday’s story because neither China nor Russia, whose currencies can be expected to survive the transition from financial to commodity orientation, run large budget deficits. That, indeed, will be part of their strength.

The financial war, so long predicted and described in my essays for Goldmoney, appears to be reaching its climax. At the end it has boiled down to who understands money and currencies best. Led by America, the West has ignored the legal definition of money, substituting fiat dollars for it instead. Monetary policy lost its anchor in realism, drifting on a sea of crackpot inflationary beliefs instead.

But Russia and China have not made the same mistake. China played along with the Keynesian game while it suited them. Consequently, while Russia may be struggling militarily, unless a miracle occurs the West seems bound to lose the financial war and we are, indeed, transiting into Pozsar’s Bretton Woods III.

Source: by Alasdair Macleod | GoldMoney 

[i] Chart kindly provided by James Turk from his recent book, Money and Liberty (pub. Wood Lane Books)

[ii] See Treatment of Reserves and Fund Accounts — Balance of Payments Division IMF Statistics Department.

[iii] Gibson’s paradox showed that the price correlation with interest rates was with the general price level, not with the rate of price changes. Because Keynes and others failed to explain it, modern economists ignore this relationship with respect to monetary policies. See


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From Chinese-Financed Consulting Group

GOP Probe Of Hunter Biden’s Business
Dealings Turns To Joe’s Brother James

The Coming Collapse – Q & A – Wigington

Nauseating News As Senate Votes 53-47 To
CONFIRM Ketanji Brown Jackson As The First
Black Female Supreme Court Justice

There’s Something VERY Wrong With
Dr. Robert W. Malone…

Dr. Robert Malone’s Wife Admires Bill Gates
And Justin Trudeau

Pelosi Allegedly Positive For Covid 19

Russia Bans Google Ads

Russian PM Cautions About App Store
And Google Play

US Withdraws From Cybersecurity Dialogue
– Moscow

US Wary Of Russia Shares Intel With Foreign
Banks To Enhance Cybersecurity, Reports Say

Canyon Of Fire – Solar Wind-Spitting 12,000
Mile-Deep Chasm Opens On Sun

1,500 Pages Of UFO-Related Reports
Declassified By US Government

GM And Honda To Develop Affordable Electric
Vehicles That Cost Less Than $30,000

Economist At World Government Summit
Says New Financial World Order About To
Shift In Dramatic New Direction

Democrats’ Approach To Rising Gas Prices
Reveals Their Economic Illiteracy

Bretton Woods III? China Begins Buying
Russian Coal And Oil In Yuan

Ukraine Slams Hungary Over Russian Gas

Von Greyerz – ‘There Is Going To Be A
New World Disorder’

European Environmentalists Have
Made Energy Independence Impossible

Why Do Europeans Have To Sacrifice
Hot Showers To ‘Stick It To Putin’?

Rishi Sunak’s Wife Appears To Avoid Taxes
On Foreign Income In UK Thanks To ‘Non-Dom’

Ruble Surges To 2-Month Highs Against Dollar
As Russia Works To Reduce FX Volatility

Russian Railways Blocked By UK From
Paying Western Bondholders

US Jet-Fuel Inventories Sink To 17 Year Low As
Soaring Costs May Spark Ticket Inflation

Shell To Be Hit With $5 Billion Impairment
Charge On Exit From Russia

Oil Tanker Rates Climb As Traders Shun
Russian Vessels

Division Grows Within G7 As UK Twisting EU’s
Arm To Get It To Ban Russian Gas, Economists Say

EU Parliament Approves Non-Binding Total
Russian Energy Ban

‘Absolute Humiliation’ – Greek Lawmakers Incensed
Over Zelensky Speech Alongside Neo-Nazi Fighters

Royal Navy Hit By Major Fuel Theft – Media

Poland Reveals New Anti-Russia Proposals

Finnish Foreign Minister Advocates Return
Of Detained Art Objects To Russia

France Makes Attempts To Help ‘Militants’
Leave Mariupol, DPR Official Says

German Lawmakers Reject Mandatory
‘Vax’ Bill In Latest Blow To Chancellor Scholz

Marine Le Pen Promises To Ban Wearing Hijabs
In Public If She Becomes President Of France

Lavrov Rejects New Ukraine Draft Peace
Proposal As ‘Unacceptable’, Says US Seeks
To Undermine Talks

UN Suspends Russia From Human
Rights Council

After China Threatens ‘Forceful Measures’ Over
Taiwan Visit, Pelosi Suddenly Tests Positive
For COVID, Postponing Trip

China Warns US Over Arms Supplies To Taiwan

Chinese Hackers Target Indian Power Grid
In Contested Ladakh – US-Based Intel Firm

‘Island-Wide Blackout’ Strikes Puerto Rico
After Major Power Station Erupts In Flames

Two US Soldiers Injured In Attack In
Northeastern Syria – Coalition Forces

If Poland Hosts US Nukes, Russia Will Station
Nuclear Weapons Along Western Border – Kremlin

Poland Potentially Hosting US Nukes Would Be
Great Threat To Russia – Kremlin Spokesman

Russia May Cut Off ALL Relations With The West
If Russian Diplomats Continue To Be Expelled
Do You See How Western Communists Are Forcing
Russia Into World War Three? It’s Patently Obvious

Peskov Not Ruling Out Cutting ALL Diplomatic Ties
With West If Expulsion Of Russian Diplomats Continues

Russia Warns Against ‘Games’ Around Its
Western Exclave Of Kaliningrad

Russian Supersonic Missiles Hit Ukrainian
Military Fuel Depot – Video

Observers – Ukrainian Nationalists, Allied Legions
Demonstrate Sadism Toward Russian POWs

‘Not One Russian Soldier Will Be Taken Prisoner’
Says Head Of Georgia Legion In Ukraine

Unsealed Files Expose How US Abused Climate
Change Agenda To Preserve Its Military Power

Washington Post Admits NATO Wants To
Prolong War In Ukraine

US Officials Admit They Made Up Ukraine
‘Chemical Weapons’ Scare For ‘Info War’ On Russia

Zelensky Says Post-War Ukraine Will Emulate
Israel, Won’t Be ‘Liberal And European’

Stray Naval Mine Found In Black Sea

Snyder – Perception Vs Reality

Brain Dead Biden Looks Lost At White House
Event As Fans Flock To See Communist Obama

Dr. Luc Montangier – 16 Staggering Cases Of CJD
Mad Cow Confirmed – Two Cases Just ONE Day
After The Covid BioWeapon Injection – Critical Data

Dr Malone Wants Names – ‘It’s Time To Start
Doxxing’ The World Economic Forum

Unipolar Mechanisms Of The Apocalypse

Jewish Supremacist Fake News Peddler Jon
Stewart (Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) Anti-White
Rant While Talking To Dimwit Cory Booker

Terrifying Morbidity Increases Since COVID
BioWeapon Injections Began – All Vaxed To Be
DEAD By 2025?

Dr Luc Montagnier’s Final Blockbuster Paper
(Preprint) Sixteen Cases Of CJD Declared Only A
FEW DAYS After COVID (BioWeapon) Injection

Will Transfer Vax And Spike Protein To The Unvaxed

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Nears Oregon

Jada Pinkett Throws Will Smith Under Bus
‘He Didn’t Need To Do What He Did’

US Sanctions Putin’s Family

US Slaps New Sanctions On Russian Banks
& Politicians And Bans New Investments

Sanctions Will Set The Russian Economy
Back 15 Years Says Biden – (NO, The Sanctions
Are Designed To Destroy The WEST)

EU Fails To Approve Russian Coal Ban
As Latest Sanctions Package Delayed
Due To ‘Technical Issue’

US Can’t Replace Russian Coal Supplies
To Europe – Industry

Russia Sends $650 Million Bond Payment In
Rubles After US Treasury Blocks Dollars

Gold Or Rubles? A Pickle Worth Exploring

Hungary Ready To Pay Rubles For Russian Gas

Hungary At Risk Of Losing Billions In EU Funding

Hungary Summons Ukrainian Ambassador
Over ‘Insulting’ Budapest

Serbia To Maintain Friendship With Russia While
Pursuing EU Membership, Vucic Tells Putin

French Voters Could Strike A Major Blow
To Globalism

BoJo Believes Biological Men Should Not
Compete In Female Sports

Prince Charles Reportedly Asked ‘Sex Pest’
Jimmy Savile To Fix Royal Family’s Image

UN Security Council Holds Meeting On
Military-Biological Activities

EU Explains Why It Continues To Arm Ukraine

NATO To Build New Centre For Quantum
Technology In Denmark

EU Calls China Summit A Deaf Dialogue
On Ukraine

China In First Response To Bucha Killings
Tells West ‘Avoid Unfounded Accusations’

Peace On Korean Peninsula Possible Only
Without US Pressure – Russian Security Council

China’s Foreign Ministry Protests Pentagon
Plans To Increase Arms Supplies To Taiwan

South Korea In US Nuclear Talks – Media

Shanghai Residents Rebel As Cases Surge,
Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’

US Warns India Over Russian Weapons

US Warns India Faces ‘Significant Long
Term Costs’ If It Aligns With Russia

‘India Stands Firm Before The World With Its
Interests Without Any Fear Or Pressure’ – Modi

India Detects First Case Of New
Coronavirus Variant XE In Mumbai

Taliban Outlaw The Production Of Poppies
In Afghanistan – How Will Demand Be Filled

Israeli Ruling Coalition Loses Majority As
Coalition Chairwoman Quits, Reports Say

Will Transfer Vax And Spike Protein To The Unvaxed

Hungary’s PM Orban Elected To 4 More Years
Victory Over ‘Intl Left, Soros Empire And MSM

267 Marines From Ukraine’s 503rd Battalion
Surrender To Russian Army In Mariupol

Lithuania Becomes First EU Country To
Expel A Russian Ambassador

Questions Abound Over Bucha (Update 2)

Bucha – Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was
Conducted Outside Kiev AFTER Russian
Troop Withdrawal – Yet Another Uke Lie
NO Truth From The Corrupt Ukraine Govt

EU Preps New Russia Sanctions After Bucha
Massacre Which Kremlin Calls ‘Staged’ – There
Is Little Doubt It Was Another Uke False Flag

Russia Will Demand A UNSC Meeting Over
Situation In Bucha After UK’s Refusal

Kremlin – Russia Categorically Rejects Claims
Of Involvement In Deaths Of People In Bucha

Lunatic Biden Vows More Russia Sanctions,
Urging ‘War Crimes Trial’ For Putin

Greek Railway Workers Refuse To Transport
NATO Tanks Toward Ukraine

US Moves To Suspend Russia From UN
Human Rights Council, Calling Presence
A ‘Farce’

Poland Blasts Germany Over Stance On Russia

UK Wants Germany To Get Tougher On Russia

Germany FM Reportedly Declares 40 Russian
Diplomats Personae Non Gratae

Secret Service Paying More Than $30,000/Mo
To Rent Mansion In Malibu To Protect The Most
Evil, Vile Hunter Biden

US Secret Service Pays $30,000 In Rent
To Protect Hunter Biden

18-34 Year Olds Want More Free-Money
For Themselves (But Who Will Pay For It?)

Doomsday ‘Preppers’ Warn Of Hard Times
Ahead As Preparedness Goes Mainstream

Britain’s ‘Health Service’ Adds Common
Cold, Flu Symptoms To List Of COVID Signs

The Kamal’s Deputy Chief-Of-Staff Quits
…Another One Gone

GOP States File Lawsuit To Stop Biden
Lifting Title 42 Order

Court Rules California’s Corporate Diversity
Law Unconstitutional

Black Preacher Nails It – There Are TWO Genders

Gay Activists Sue Florida Over New Law That
Bans LGBT Propaganda In K-3 Classrooms

Why They Are Really Pushing Electric Vehicles?
Hint – It’s Not About The Climate

The Surreptitious Reincarnation Of COINTELPRO
With The COPS Gang-Stalking Program

Shocker – Fmr President Nixon – ‘Most Jews Are
Disloyal…You Can’t Trust The Bastards’

Khazaria, Rothschild Dynasty, NWO, Ukraine
And Implementation Of The Nephilim Agenda

Pfizer Released Another Batch Of Documents
On April 1, 2022 – Here They Are

The PCR Test Can Kill You – And Can
Be Used To Vax You – As We Have
Warned Over And Over

769 Vaxed Athletes Have Collapsed
And/Or Died In The Past Year

Australia – Deadly Hong Kong Covid
Variant Taking Over

Top 7 Ways To Die From ‘COVID’ Without
Even Catching The Virus

Examples Must Be Made Of Parents Who Allow
Their Kids To Be Poisoned With MRNA Injections

My Mother And I Were In Danger But 911
Wanted To Know If I Had COVID!

Twitter Shares Jump 26% After Elon Musk
Takes 9.2% Passive Stake

SpaceX To Help Grow Steaks In Orbit,
Sending Artificial Meat Project To ISS

Nanoparticles, Nanoswarms…Let’s Open
Our Eyes And Mind

OBiden Is Planning A New Digital Currency
Here’s Why You Should Be Very Worried

About The Alleged ‘Truck Driver Shortage’

Ford Mustang And Chevrolet Camaro
Production Suspended

Senator Elizabeth Warren Says ‘It’s Time’
For A Centrally Controlled Digital Currency

Russia May Increase Its Energy Exports To
$321 Billion Despite Sanctions, Report Says

Gazprom Germania GmbH Temporarily Placed
Under Trusteeship Of Federal Network Agency

Saudi Arabia Hikes Oil Prices To Record
Premiums (As Russia Sells At Record Discount)

Dimon Warns US Faces Unprecedented Risks
From Combo Of Inflation, War & COVID

US Dollar At Risk Of Losing Dominance,
Goldman Sachs Warns

Goldman – We Enter The Quarter With A
Set Of Glaring Disjunctions

How Fauci And NIH Gave Millions To Fund
Peter Daszak’s Gain-Of-Function Research

COVID Vaccines Don’t Prevent Transmission,
Severe Illness Or Deaths – They’re BioWeapons

Iodine Tablets To Be Issued In Romania

Moldovan President Refutes Reports About
Redeployment Of Russian Troops In Transnistria

Merkel Responds To Ukrainian Criticism

Statistics Office – UK Food Businesses
Complain About ‘Unprecedented’ Price Hike

UK Chocolate Company Cadbury Accused
Of Profiting From Child Labor

Ferrero Chocolate Eggs Linked To
Salmonella Outbreak

Cold Snap Sends French Power Prices
To 13 Year High

Chechen Head Kadyrov Posts Video Of Troops
Storming Azovstal Steel Plant In Mariupol

Russia’s FSB Says Detained Supporter Of
Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Batallions In Crimea

Ukrainian Forces Shell Town In LPR, Firing Five
152-Mm Calibre Rounds

Ukrainians Injure Child As They Attack Pro-Russian
Motor Rally In Greece – Video

Russia Resumes Flights To More Than 50
‘Friendly’ Nations

Russia Retaliates Against Visa Restrictions

Billionaire Former Russian Presidential Candidate
Seeks Israeli Citizenship – Media

Kim Jong-Un’s Sister Calls South Korean
Defense Minister ‘Scum,’ Threatens ‘Disaster’

Giant Landslide In Iran – Watch

Kazakhstan Plans To Introduce Temporary
Restrictions On Grain And Flour Supplies

Egypt Allocates Over $60 Million To Buy
Wheat Locally Amid Unstable Imports

Two Russian Troops Dead And 28 Critical In
Hospital After Being POISONED By Laced
Ukrainian Pastries

Zelensky Rejected Russian Peace Offer Days
Before Russian Offensive – WSJ

Poland Wants More US Troops Put Near
Russian Border

Poland ‘Open’ & Ready To Host US Nukes
On NATO’s Eastern Flank – West Trying To
Force Putin Into Nuclear War

Poland Is ‘Open’ To Hosting Of US Nukes Aimed
At Russia Country’s Deputy PM Says

Pushing Putin To Nuclear War

Blinken Declares Russia Has Already Experienced
‘Strategic Defeat’ In Ukraine

Pentagram – There’s No ‘Offensive’ BioWeapons
At US-Funded And Linked Ukraine Labs (Har)

EXPOSED – Pentagon Planning To Use Ukraine
BioWeapons Labs To Attack Russia

Putin Seeks To Declare ‘Victory’ Over Eastern
Ukraine By May 9th – US Officials

Boris Johnson Reportedly Considers Supplying
Anti-Ship Missiles To Ukraine

Hunter Biden Text Reveals Joe Biden Made
Him Give Him ‘Half’ His Salary For Over 30 Yrs

Levin Says Biden ‘May Be The Most Corrupt
President In US History – Gosh, Ya Think?

NATO Chief Says Finland And Sweden
Can Join In “Quick Way”

NATO Reveals Scale Of Its Involvement
In Training Ukrainian Troops

Russia To Provide Assistance In Evacuation Of
Foreigners From Mariupol – Defense Ministry

Meeting Between Putin, Zelensky Possible Only
With Prepared Written Agreement – Kremlin

Watch – Russian Ka-52 Helicopter Eliminates
Concealed Positions Of Ukrainian Army

Russian MoD Denies Killings In Bucha
Says Footage Was Staged For Western Media

Experts – Bucha-Like ‘False Flag’ Incidents To
Continue As West ‘Frustrated’ Over Propaganda

Kiev Territorial Defence In Bucha Given Green
Light To Shoot Those Not Wearing Blue Armband

More Explosions Heard In Russian Border City
Where Fuel Depot Was Destroyed

Dnepropetrovsk Mayor Calls For Slaughter
Of Russians Around The World

German Retailers To Increase Food Prices
By 20-50% On Monday

Watch – Biden Pays Farms To STOP –
EU Out Of Feed – Meat Taxes & Chicken
Permits – Up To You To GROW FOOD!’

Biden Wants DOJ To Prosecute Trump Over Jan 6

Dead Brain Biden Mistakenly Calls Michelle
Obama The Former Vice-President

Trump Warns US ‘Will Be Deluged By Invaders
After Biden’s ‘Foolhardy’ Repeal Of Title 42

Mass Shooting In California Leaves 6 Dead

California’s Govt-Created Water Shortage

Bartiromo Shreds Commie Chris Wallace For
Covering Up Biden Family Crimes During
2020 Presidential Debate

A WARNING From Dr Chuck Baldwin (Via Harry Vox )

Living Robo Slime

The US Is Making Money From Wars…As Usual

Disney Releases ‘Queerest Kids Movie Yet’

These Charts Prove Our Population
Is In Steep Decline

What It’s Like – Virtual Reality Of A
Nuclear Explosion

Russia Holds 12,000 Tons Of Gold – With China
They Both Have A Total Of 32,000 Tons Of Gold

Epstein Victim Reveals His Island Was Like A ‘Factory’
Where Was Raped Up To Three Times A Day

When The State Comes For Your Kids
Marxists Think They Own Your Kids

The Inside Bombers Of 9/11
Mocked Us In Advance

The PCR Test Can Kill You – And Can Be Used
To Vax You – As We Have Warned Over And Over

FDA Weighing Moderna Vax For Kids 6
And Under – Experts Say Trials Inadequate

Everyone Has AIDS! Canada Putting HIV Test
Sites Across Nation – AIDS Is From The BioWeapon
…Not HIV

NYC Will Mandate Masks For Children Under 5

Tennis World Rocked As FIFTEEN Fully-Vaxed
Players Unable To Finish Miami Open – Dying

School Nurse Was Fired For Revealing
That Teachers Were Secretly Giving
Students Puberty Blockers – Insanity

Vitamin D Beats MRNA BioWeapon
Shots Against COVID

Covid Care About-Face – Ivermectin, Hydroxy
And Fluvoxamine (An SSRI?!) Remain Readily
Available And Are Historically Well Tolerated.

Teens Develop Heart Damage Months After
Getting Second Pfizer Covid Shot, Study Finds

Feral Pigs Cause Mounting Environmental
Damage In California

Leaked Docs Show How Pedophile Teachers
Recruit Students, Form Gay And Transgender
Clubs In Schools

Why They Are Really Pushing Electric Vehicles
….Hint – It’s Not About The Climate

Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe
Via Critical Pipeline

‘A Paradigm Shift Western Media Hasn’t
Grasped Yet’ – Russian Ruble Relaunched
…Linked To Gold & Commodities

Zoltan Pozsar Speaks About Bretton Woods III

Central Banks – Who Needs Them?
(Spoiler Alert – No One)

Ruble Payment Scheme Russia Uses With Gas Will
Be Extended To New Groups Of Goods In Future – Peskov

BOE Warns Of Energy-Price Shock

‘Thug-Like Sanctions Games’ Weaken Dollar And Euro
– Kremlin

Slovakia Agrees To Pay For Russian Gas In Rubles

German Retailers To Increase Food Prices
By 20-50% On Monday

Ukraine Conflict Makes Germany ‘Poorer’
– Finance Minister

British Government Admits ‘Cannot Completely
Nullify’ Pressure On Energy Costs

Bank Of England Warns Of Energy-Price Shock
Worse Than The 1970s

Spain Sees Highest Inflation In Nearly 40 Years

IMF Evaluates Yuan’s Share In Global Currency Transactions

Tech Rout Leads To Record 34% Loss
At Tiger Global’s Hedge Fund

Russia’s Gazprom Exits German Business
Amid Row Over Pricing

Scholz Reportedly Recommended Zelensky To
Abandon Plans To Join NATO Before Russian
Op In Ukraine

Thousands Of Motorists Drive Through In Berlin
Flying Flags In Support Of Russia

Greek Prime Minister Met With Pro-Russia
Protests In Thessaloniki, Reports Say

‘The House That Davos Built’ Quakes As PM
Orban Takes ‘Commanding Early Lead’ In
Hungary Election

Macron Tells Supporters He Could Still Lose
French Election To The ‘Far Right’

How Prince Andrew Met Turkish ‘Fraud’ Who
Paid Him More Than £1Mln, Report Reveals

Man Suspected Of Getting Over 80 Covid Jabs

Russian Space Head To Halt ISS Cooperation
Citing ‘Illegal Sanctions’

Ukraine Star Calls For Further World Cup
Qualifier Delay

China Mocks US Demand

China Is ‘Eating’ US ‘Lunch’ Says Senator

N Korea Issues Warning To S Korea

Pakistan Army Chief Seeks Closer Ties With US

Sri Lanka Cabinet Offers To Resign As Out Of
Control Inflation Sparks Widespread Social Unrest

Taliban Bans Poppy Cultivation Despite Afghanistan
Reeling Under Severe Economic Crisis

Jordanian Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein
Renounces Title

Israel Faces ‘Many More’ Attempted
Terror Attacks PM Warns

Biden Rebuffed As US Relations With Saudi
Arabia And UAE Hit New Low

Bill Gates And His Satanic Plan To Depopulate
Planet Earth – 10 Intriguing Pieces Of Evidence

Ghislaine Maxwell Said Epstein DID Have
Tapes Of Trump And The Clintons

Ghislaine Maxwell Pedo Conviction Upheld
Despite Juror’s Post-Verdict Admission

20% Of Dems Want Hillary As Nominee
If Biden Can’t Run In 2024!

Update – Azov Remnants Trapped In Mariupol Industrial
Complex – Desperate Uke Helicopters Try To Remove
Top Azov (NATO & US Comdrs?) Are Shot Down – Biden
Admin Is Trying To Utterly Destroy The US (The PLAN) – Vid

Western MSM Coverup Of Uke Neo-Nazis

Russia Strikes Ukrainian Oil Refinery Owned By
Igor Kolomoisky After Ukrainian Chopper Attack

Russian Dead Hand Doomsday Machine
Makes Nuclear Retaliation Guaranteed

Journalist Describes Trip To The Front
In Donbass And Russian Liberated Areas

Moron Sean Penn Calls On Billionaires To
Buy Fighter Jets For Ukraine

US Reveals More Military Aid For Ukraine
…Pushing For Large Scale War With Russia

Phony Pope Frances For 1st Time Denounces
Putin As A ‘Potentate’ Fomenting ‘Savage War’
…Mulls Ukraine Trip

Lying Pentagram Says No ‘Offensive’ Bioweapons
At US-Linked Ukraine Labs – Har!

Maher – Left-Wing MSM Buried The Hunter
Biden Scandal Before The 2020 Election

America-Hating Communist Psycho Bided To Let
18,000 Invaders A DAY Across US-Mex Border

Feeling Sleepy? POTUS Seemingly Takes Nap
During Ceremony For USS Delaware Submarine

‘We Are Not Into Regime Change’ – Kamala
Harris Backs Away From Biden’s Comments
On Putin

GOP Invites Hunter Biden To Testify On Cobalt
Mining, Cites His Expertise Helping PRC Buy
Major Mine

Blogger Reveals How She Was Used To
Create Fake About ‘Russian Air Strike’
On Mariupol Hospital

Ukrainian Forces Purposely Shelled Monastery
In Donbass To Blame Russia, Ex-Neo-Nazi
Fighter Reveals

Ukraine Announces Million Dollars Reward
Per Russian Helicopter, Fighter Jet, Warship

Pope Frances For 1st Time Denounces Putin
As ‘Potentate’ Fomenting ‘Savage War’ – Mulls
Ukraine Trip

Greek Railway Workers Refuse To Transport
NATO Tanks Toward Ukraine

‘Psychopathic Mindset’ – Hindu Organisation
Slams US Senators ‘Calling For Putin’s Murder’

Putin Asks Who Is Really Crazy? – Satire? Video

No Way NATO Will Deploy Troops To
Ukraine Says Germany

Psychopath Sick SOB Biden Urges Parents To
‘Remind Your Children They Might Be Transgender’

Federal Government Releases 1950 Census
Following Statutory 72-Year Delay

People Are Now Eating A Credit Card’s Worth Of
Microplastics Every Week From Tainted Food
Supply – Gut Composition Drastically Altered

US Warns Of Africa And The Middle East Famine
The Globalists Set Stage For Mass Starvation

How Are Food Prices Being Covered On
Television News?

Palin Announces For US House Seat
Wearing Necklace Of Her Controllers

Engineered CA Drought – Sierra Snowpack At
Lowest April 1 Levels In 70 Years – January-March
Was Driest Three Month Period In SF History

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News 4-2-22

Revealed – Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Gave
Light Sentences In Child Porn Cases Involving
‘Sadomasochistic’ Torture Of Babies

Communist Seattle Judge Releases ‘Out Of His Mind’
Home Intruder Who Terrorized Family

Chicago Lizardville Judges Keep Sending
Suspects Home And They Keep Trying To Kill

OR Sec State Report On Domestic Terrorism Cites
Violent Extremism By Antifa In Portland

Your ‘Locally Butchered’ Beef Might Actually
Come From China! Take A Look!

Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead At 50
The Inside Story On What Likely Caused His Death
…BioWeapon Vax-Induced Myocarditis

COVID Hospitalizations Reach Two Year Low
As Synthetic Omicron Wave Continues To Ebb

Humans Infected With Mind-Altering Feline Parasite
Seem To Be More Attractive…

Pfizer, Which Is Developing Alopecia Drug,
Co-Sponsored This Years Oscars…!

Markie Zuckerberg ‘Could Become Leader Of
Virtual World’ As 5 BILLION People Expected
To Enter Metaverse By 2030

Why Does Everyone Loves Elon Musk?
He’s Not Your Friend…He’s A Puppet!

Keep Them Docile With Drugs & Video Games

Yale Official Admits To $40 Million Fraud
Involving Stolen Computer Equipment

US Army Set To Order 30,000 Next
Generation Squad Weapons

World Govt Summit Announces New World
Order ‘Ban On Cash’ Is Just Around The Corner

US Central Bank Warns Of Housing Bubble

Gold-Backed Ruble May Be A Game-Changer

Russian Oil Traded For Gold? Paper Market
Left Behind.

Macleod – Edging Towards A Gold Standard

Russia’s Rosatom Sees No Problem
Switching To Payments In Rubles

Russia Set To End Cooperation With West
On Space Station

Japan Says It Won’t Scrap Russia Projects

Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe
Via Critical Pipeline

UK Won’t Get Russian Gas – Moscow

Shell Unable To Buy Russian Gas Due To
London’s Anti-Russian Stance – Kremlin

UK Households ‘Stuck’ With High Energy
Bills Which May ‘Go Up Again In Winter’,
Warns Octopus Chief

‘We Refuse To Pay For Their Crisis’
Watch Londoners Protest Against
Rising Energy Prices

German Leaders Give Themselves Pay
Raises While Telling Ordinary People To
Tighten Belts: Report

German Industry Would Collapse
Without Russian Gas – Association

Germany Faces Worst Cost Of Living
Crisis In Decades – Govt Data

Anti-Russian Sanctions Don’t Work – Poland

EU Will Focus On Pursuing Russian
Oligarchs And Weakening The Ruble

Ukraine Wants Russia’s Sanctioned
Forex Reserves

UK Idiots Imposed Sanctions On Gazprom Bank
And Is Now Unable To Pay For Russian Gas

German Chief Of Defenсe Says Berlin Mulls
Buying Missile Systems From Israel, US

Italy Ready To Guarantee Ukraine’s Neutral Status

Finland Can Join NATO Without Referendum

‘Germany’s Legal System Prohibits Criticism
Of Islam’, Violators Face Jail Time – Video

Ukraine Permits Mass Property Seizures

Kiev Handed Over Drafts On Security Guarantees
To Some States – Zelensky

EU To Let Ukraine Refugees Convert
Hryvnas Into Euros For Free

Japan Says It Won’t Scrap Russia Projects

India Delivers 50,000 Tons Of Fuel To
Sri Lanka To Help Mitigate Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka Introduces Island-Wide
Curfew Amid Public Unrest

Days After Imran Khan’s Tirade, Pakistan’s
Army Chief Sides With US, Slams Russia
For Ukraine Op

China ‘Eating US’ Lunch’ In Latin America,
Senator Warns

Argentina Slams UK Refusal To Regard
Falklands Dispute As Still ‘Pending Negotiation
And Resolution’

Israel Signs ‘Historic’ Deal With Ex-Rival
United Arab Emirates

Maher Says Jada Pinkett Smith Is Lucky Alopecia
Is Her Biggest Medical Complaint

Update – Azov Remnants Trapped In Mariupol Industrial
Complex – Desperate Uke Helicopters Try To Remove
Top Azov (NATO & US Comdrs?) Are Shot Down – Biden
Admin Is Trying To Utterly Destroy The US (The PLAN) – Vid

7 Months Ago, Farmers Began Being PAID By Feds 1.5x
Value To Destroy Their Crops – Coming Planned World
Famine Is CREATED – Get It? Watch This Carefully – Vid

Zelensky Tells Fox News Giving Up Land Is ‘Out Of
The Question’ And ’There Is Not Outcome But Victory’
This Sets Course Directly For War In Europe

Putin Reacts To Zelensky’s Hand-Written Note
…’Tell Him I Will Thrash Him’

UK Urges Zelensky To Hold Out For Better Terms
In Peace Talks With Russia – Efforts To Force
Russia Into War On Europe Increasing Daily

Russian Military Releases Hunter Biden’s
BioWeapons Lab Emails – TRUNEWS

Major Escalation – Germany Approves Delivery
Of Armored Infantry Carrier ‘Tanks’ To Ukraine

Kremlin Responds To Alleged Ukrainian
Attack On Russian Soil

Kremlin Strikes Back At Ukrainian Attack
On Belgorod Fuel Depot

Ukraine Tight-Lipped On Alleged Attack
On Russian Oil Depot

Ukraine Reportedly Halts Recruitment Of
Foreign Fighters As Untrained Volunteers
Clog Up Ranks

Russia Is Succeeding Wildly In Its Objectives!
…Says Military Analyst Scott Ritter

Ukraine’s ‘International Legion’ Running Out
Of Weapons, Stops Recruiting

Russian Forces Hand Back Chernobyl To
Ukraine – IAEA

Ukraine War – Russian Forces Regrouping For Attack

Roberts – Ukraine Update #9 – Lies, Lies, Lies

ALERT – US Says Israel Is Free To Act Against Iran
…This Is Extremely Unwise And Dangerous

A Salute To Hillary – Video Satire

House Votes To Nationally Decriminalize Marijuana

Imbecilic Gibberish-Filled Remarks By The Kamal In
Meeting With Jamaican PM Savagely Mocked – Video

Jen Psaki Reportedly Planning To Leave
White House For MSNBC Gig

Amazon Workers In New York Declare Victory
In Drive For Union

US House Votes To Decriminalise Marijuana

Dick Allgire, Remote Viewer – Oil For Rubles,
Money For Nothing, War For Free

You Must Prepare To Deal With Sudden, Agonizing
Deaths Of Loved Ones And Billions On Earth

United States To Ban Real Meat In 2024?

Supermarkets Allowed To Begin Rationing
In Spain, Says Socialist Govt – Coming HERE

Prepare For Grocery Store Shelves
NEVER To Be Replenished

Farmers On The Brink Of Collapse Around
The World – A Global Famine Is No Joke
Make Your Plans Now!

Skippy Voluntarily Recalls 161,692 Pounds
Of Peanut Butter – Famine By Design

Lawmakers Demand Hunter Biden Communications
With Obama White House

House GOP Investigating Twitter And Facebook
For Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story